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I'm assuming your question is about that of second hand smoke.
Yes they can pick up second hand smoke in a drug test, however they are able to distinguish it from first hand smoke.

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Q: Can weed show up if you are around it?
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What sHow up on a weed drug test?


What medicines will show up as methadone or weed in a urine test?

Um. Methadone and Weed would probably show up as Methadone and Weed.

Does space weed show up on drug test?

It's not weed it's botanical incense therefore containing no THC. It does not show up.

Does kava kava show up as weed?

Is Kava Weed? No Common Sense

Does weed show up in a drugs test?


What type of weed doesn't show up in a drug test?

all weed shows up no matter what

If you do not smoke weed but you are around it will you drop a dirty?

You could show up positive in the testing. Second hand smoke can get into your system.

Does skunk the new breed of weed show up on a ua?

Yes it will show up on a urinalysis.

Is vaporized weed more likely to show up in hair particle test more than if you where to smoke it?

Any weed will show up. It ALL shows THC.

Can 1 blunt of weed show up in a screening?


Does weed show up in a dermotologist blood test?


What combination of drugs show up as weed?

Generally only THC will show up as THC. So marijuana, hashish and the like will show up.