Can sick people watch TV

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well yeah if you have got a cold . Otherwise i would advise you stay in bed.

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Q: Can sick people watch TV
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Is all right to watch tv when you are sick?

Yes because your sick and you have nothing else to do.

Does your eye swell if you watch to much TV?

No, TV gives out a really low amount of UV radiation though that's only bad for your eyes if you watch TV for more than 6 hours without a light on. If you have a light on its fine but just don't watch to much TV. Just get outside unless your sick. but if your sick you should sleep not watch TV

Do people watch TV in Romania?

Yes, people watch TV in Romania. And they watch it all the time.

What do you do when your board because your sick?

Watch TV, play a (trading) card game, sleep

Im sick at home and im bored as hell what do i do?

watch tv, read, play a game with a family member who isn't afraid to get sick,

Does Canada watch TV?

The people in Canada watch TV.

Can you watch tv if you're sick?

As long as you don't have a headache or optic related illness you should be fine.

What percent of people watch soccer on tV?

Mostly, millions of people do watch television.

What would be an example of a target group?

people who watch a variety of TV shows

How many people in America watch TV?

90 percent of Americans watch tv

What can you do when I'm sick?

U can sleep watch tv or a movie play games 2 eat  or drink pop water tea kool aid im sick 2

Why do people continue watch tv?

What do you mean "continue to watch". It's entertaining, they watch out of boredom.