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Yes. An amur tiger has enough strength to take down a big kodiak bear.

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Q: Can an Amur tiger kill a Kodiak bear?
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Who would win a bull or a tiger?

tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal

Who would win in a fight between a sloth bear and a lion?

Possibly the sloth bear. The sloth bear has more muscles and the same weight as a bengal tiger, while the bengal tiger is a stronger hunter than a sloth bear. With a couple of swipes from the sloth bear's claws, it could kill a bengal tiger. Sloth bears usually kill tigers for territory and safety kill sun bears.

Which would win in a fight a polar bear or a wolf?

A polar bear no doubt, its more as 10 times as heavy. it could easily take the wolf down to the ground and bite to death. Polar bear wins. the only animal that could challange a polar bear on land is a Siberian tiger

Who would win black or white?

I think a white tiger would a kill a black... just kidding i think a black tiger would kill a white tiger......................

Can a tiger kill a black bear?

A tiger could definitely have a chance to kill a black bear by bringing it down with its great hunting skills with not much injuries. Let's compare their weights first. Asian Black bears, like asiatic black bears, weigh from 400-880 pounds, while bengal tigers weigh from 570-620 pounds. It seems that the two creatures can be quite heavier than each other. Depending on the health and experiences of the two creatures, these two creatures would normally stay out of each other's territories. A large male sloth bear or a large male asiatic black bear can stand a chance against a bengal tiger since male black bears are seeming to kill tigers in their territories. Tigers usually can kill sloth bears and sometimes asiatic black bears in asia, but not really grizzly bears. Siberian tigers, which weigh from 660- 700 pounds, are stronger and larger than russian black bears. Really huge black bears weigh around 800-880 pounds. They might defeat a siberian tiger. Against a brown bear, the siberian tiger might have a decent chance of winning. Overall tigers can kill black bears, but black bears can also kill tigers too.Answer 2A tiger could sometimes kill a black bear, take its territory, and eat it. Tigers sometimes attack asiatic black bears and sun bears for territories. Black bears sometimes attack tigers for territories or food as well.

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What animal can kill a kodiak bear?

No animal can kill a kodiak bear except a human with a good hunting rifle.

Who would win a fight a bull moose or a kodiak bear?

Since kodiak brown bears are a huge subspecies of brown bear, and a grizzly is a smaller subspecies of brown bear, a kodiak would win (assuming an average sized individuals from each was fighting). Average grizzlies weight around 400-500 pounds, while Kodiak's can weight around 1,000.

Can a kodiak bear kill a moose?

Yes, if the kodiak bear avoided the moose's hooves and antlers (if it is a bull moose). Even a grizzly bear or an alaskan brown bear could kill a bull moose, but not when it is on the rut.

Can a silverback gorilla kill a kodiak bear?

No. A silverback gorilla could not kill any type of bear.

What animals could kill a lion?

Rhino, Elephant, Hippopotamus, large silverback gorilla, grizzly bear, polar bear, kodiak bear, bull, and crocodile can kill a lion.

What animal is tougher than a bear?

The Tiger is. In India Bengal tigers kill and eat sloth bears which are 3ft at the shoulder and 6ft when standing on hind legs. this bear is bigger than the American black bear and more aggressive. The Siberian tiger regularly hunts and kills east Siberian brown bears which are 3.3ft at the shoulder and 6.6ft when on hind legs. it is also more aggressive than a grizzly bear which is exactly the same size as this bear. the Siberian tiger also kills amur or ussuri brown bears which are bigger than grizzlies and Siberian bears and have reached sizes greater than the kamchatka bear though that ius rare. it is 4ft at the shoulder and 8ft tall. the Siberian tiger weighs about 660lbs on avearage is 115cm at the shoulder and 12ft in length. the Bengal is 10ft long and 110cm at the shoulder and 580lbs. pound for pound a large cat is stronger than a bear. however overall large bears such as the amur , kamchatka, kodiak and polar bears are stronger. tigers are more aggressive and better killers. kamchatka and kodiak bears are actually rather timid in general as they are coastal bears and don't compete with other predators such as the amur or grizzly bears do. kodiak and polar bears are the largest bears and are 4.5ft at the shoulder and usually 9.6ft on their hind legs. kamchatka bears are slightly smaller. polar bears are actually easily scared by aggressive animals and biologists have seen grizzlies chase them away. in general the biggest bears and the biggest tigers will avoid each other, the risk of combat is to great. but when these battles do occur usually, not always, the tiger comes out victorious. in my opinion only yhe largest amur bears and Siberian bears would stand their ground against a tiger. coastal bears have no need to fight them and are timid, usually not always, and would run off. this includes kamchatka, kodiak and polar bears despite them being stronger and bigger than any tiger.

Who would win in a race between a bear and tiger?

100%the tiger. Tiger paw is stronger.Tiger is faster.Tiger is smarter. Tiger can kill a polar bear.

Who would win a bull or a tiger?

tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal

Is a barbary lion stronger than a kodiak bear?

Sometimes. A barbary lion could kill a bull moose quicker than a kodiak bear could due to its powerful fighting skills, and a barbary lion is quite longer than a kodiak bear. It is as long as a polar bear. Kodiak bears are heavier than barbary lions, meaning that the kodiak bear may be stronger. A kodiak bear weighs 1550 pounds, while a barbary lion weighs 650 pounds.

Tiger vs bear?

The bear would win since it would be much larger and stronger. No is hard to take down a black bear for a sibrean tiger,a grizzly bear would kill the sibrean tiger a brown bear no a Kodak bear yes very fast a polar bear yesthe only one that would lose too a tiger would be black bear and brown bear.

Can a sun bear or a sloth bear kill a tiger?

A large male sloth bear can kill a male bengal tiger and steal its territory. Sloth bears have been known to steal prey from tigers, dholes, and leopards. They can be very defensive and very territorial, and aggressive as the sun bear. The tiger would usually go behind the sloth bear for an ambush kill rather than face to face. A sun bear can possibly kill a bengal tiger since it is so aggressive and fierce along with those big claws and teeth. But it is more likely to scare and chase off the male bengal tiger.

What could kill an African lion?

A grizzly bear, a crocodile, a rhinoceros, an elephant, a hippo, a large enough gorilla, a bull, a polar bear, a kodiak bear, a poacher armed with a gun or a knife, and a hippo.