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A tiger could definitely have a chance to kill a black bear by bringing it down with its great hunting skills with not much injuries. Let's compare their weights first. Asian Black bears, like asiatic black bears, weigh from 400-880 pounds, while bengal tigers weigh from 570-620 pounds. It seems that the two creatures can be quite heavier than each other. Depending on the health and experiences of the two creatures, these two creatures would normally stay out of each other's territories. A large male sloth bear or a large male asiatic black bear can stand a chance against a bengal tiger since male black bears are seeming to kill tigers in their territories. Tigers usually can kill sloth bears and sometimes asiatic black bears in Asia, but not really grizzly bears. Siberian tigers, which weigh from 660- 700 pounds, are stronger and larger than russian black bears. Really huge black bears weigh around 800-880 pounds. They might defeat a siberian tiger. Against a brown bear, the siberian tiger might have a decent chance of winning. Overall tigers can kill black bears, but black bears can also kill tigers too.

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A tiger could sometimes kill a black bear, take its territory, and eat it. Tigers sometimes attack asiatic black bears and sun bears for territories. Black bears sometimes attack tigers for territories or food as well.

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Q: Can a tiger kill a black bear?
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Would a tiger or lion attack a black bear?

Only in extreme circumstances would a tiger or the lion would attack the black bear. A tiger or a lion is both capable of killing a black bear, but it would take a long time to do so. However, a black bear is more likely to kill a lion or a tiger, but would get serious injuries (to kill the lion) or a long time ( to kill the tiger) while doing so.

Tiger vs bear?

The bear would win since it would be much larger and stronger. No is hard to take down a black bear for a sibrean tiger,a grizzly bear would kill the sibrean tiger a brown bear no a Kodak bear yes very fast a polar bear yesthe only one that would lose too a tiger would be black bear and brown bear.

Can a tiger eat a black bear?

An Asian black bear, yes. American black bear, no.

Can a large black bear kill a tiger?

Large Asiatic black bears have been known to chase bengal tigers and dholes away from their kills. Asiatic black bears are very aggressive towards people, and they are so aggressive that they would be able to defeat and overwhelm a bengal tiger. Usually, with the bengal tiger being larger than the asiatic black bear by 100 lbs, the bengal tiger would also be able to kill the asiatic black bear as well. With the larger siberian tiger, the asiatic black bear would be an easy prey for it. If you are talking about the larger american black bear, then the collision becomes in slightly more favor of the black bear.

Who would win in a race between a bear and tiger?

100%the tiger. Tiger paw is stronger.Tiger is faster.Tiger is smarter. Tiger can kill a polar bear.

Who would win black or white?

I think a white tiger would a kill a black... just kidding i think a black tiger would kill a white tiger......................

Who would win in a fight between a tiger and a bull?

tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal tiger tiger when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal when it comes o bear, its dead as a meal

Is a tiger stronger than a black bear?


Can an Amur tiger kill a Kodiak bear?

Yes. An amur tiger has enough strength to take down a big kodiak bear.

Can a black bear kill a brown bear?

It really depends. A Siberian tiger is quite a bit larger than a black bear, and just as an adept hunter (probably better) as a black bear. Black bears are quite aggressive themselves, with the fact that they have to defend territories (males) or cubs (females) against other predators like other black bears, grizzlies, cougars, wolves and coyotes. And even humans. However, such a fight can only be imagined because in reality, black bears and Siberian tigers never have nor will meet in the wild. So, in letting my imagination run wild, I would say that no, a black bear could not kill a Siberian tiger because the tiger is much larger and probably more fiercer than the bear, which gives it an added advantage in "defending" itself against such a bear.

Is a black bear bigger than a tiger?

That all depends on the species and sex of either species. For instance, a Siberian tiger may weigh a bit more than an American black bear and an Asian black bear, but a Sumatran and Bengal tiger may weigh about the same or equal to a male American black bear.

Who will win in a fight between a Siberian tiger and a black bear?

The Siberian tiger is stronger and longer than the black bear and also can eat them, but against brown bears, it would have a little trouble.Answer 2It depends on who is bigger and the place these two animals are fighting. Black bears can kill siberian tigers if they attacked from the back.