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In case Micheal Jackson and other overly feminine sounding singers aren't enough, try kicking Justin Bieber in the balls. If that's not high pitched enough, I don't know what is!

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Q: Can a male singer sing a high pitched voice?
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What is a high male voice called?

Falsetto Tenor is the vocal range of a man who can sing higher than the average man. A male soprano is a man who can sing very high notes which usually only a woman is capable of (a female who sings high notes is called a soprano), for example, opera singing. An incredibly high man's voice is soprano , but generally high man's voice is alto. Tenor and baritone are next , and lowest of all is bass, like most bouncers at clubs! The term that is generally used for males with very high voices, equivalent to female altos and sometimes even sopranos, is countertenor. There were some very famous ones in history.

What is the name of a high male singer?

There are several high male singing voices and ranges and the name used depends on the range regarded as high and the method by which the high notes are achieved.a boy soprano or treble, is a high boy singer before the voice has changed in puberty. Usual range: C4 - C6;a castrati is an adult male castrated before puberty to maintain the high voice permanently. Usual range: C4 - C6;a falsetto sings higher than their normal voice by using the vocal cords in a different way (there a several different methods) and the notes are usually weaker except at the top of the falsetto range. The bottom of their falsetto range usually overlaps the top of their normal range by about an octave;a tenor is the highest usual adult male voice. Usual range: C3 - C5;a counter-tenor is an adult male with the ability to sing in either or both of the contralto (F3 - F5) and mezzo-soprano (A3 - A5) ranges without using falsetto;a sopranist, sopranista or male soprano is a tenor singing in falsetto to reach the soprano range. (C4 - C6)

Is len kagamine is a boy?

Len Kagamine is a 14-year-old boy voice created by the Vocaloid 2 speech synthesizer. He is the male mirror (male twin) of Rin Kagamine (female voice created by Vocaloid). * Many people who cosplay him are girls which is why many people think he is a girl. He has a higher-pitched voice than a lot of male singers (like Justin Bieber), but once you get used to the voice and realize that he has a flat chest, you will see that he is a boy!

What male singer has the initials c a?

What male singer has the initials c.a.

What is a french male singer called?

a male singer is called 'un chanteur' in French.

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Which Male Singer had a High Voice?

Freddie Mercury Of Course.

What is a male voice?

A high male voice is a voice that a man has that is high pitched. Some men have higher voices than others even after growing up, and going through puberty.

How do you spell saprono?

The likely word is soprano (high-pitched male voice).

What is the meaning of a male singer with a high voice 5 letters?

A male singer with a high voice that is five letters long is: tenor. Note that there are males with higher voices than this, but all of these are more than five letters long.

You are a 24 male with a high pitched voice Is there any private ways you can change your voice?

uuummm i take it a guy that's 24 and has a high pitched voice is asking this ?. I'd have to say no a person (male) can't really do anything about their voice no matter what age. your voice will start to develope into a more "manly" voice by to you-HAHAHA

What song has a high pitched male voice singing baaaby baaaby?

Baby by: Justin Bieber

Is geddy lee lead singer for rush male or female?

Geddy Lee, the lead singer for Rush, has a high-pitched voice, and as a result, some people who do not know much about the band have asked if he is a girl. But Geddy (real first name: Gary) is absolutely a guy.

Why can a very large adult male have a high pitched voice?

cuz they got kicked in the cahonies when they were younger

Who is the male comedian with high pitched voice?

joe pasquale

What is the medium pitched male voice for singing?

The medium pitch for male voice is the BARITONE.

What is a high male voice?

A high male voice refers to a voice that has a higher pitch or frequency range compared to other male voices. This type of voice is often associated with tenors in the realm of classical music, but can also be heard in various other vocal styles and genres.

How does tenor differ from a soprano?

Tenor-the highest natural voice of a male singer. Soprano-the highest natural voice of a female singer.