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lol. Miley Cyrus will never come to your b-day party. sorry.

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Q: Can Miley Cyrus come to my birthday 3 lol i love you so much Miley Cyrus i hope you come to my b-day?
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Does Miley Cyrus can come to your birthday?

im sure Miley Cyrus would love to attend your birthday - but be aware that if you type it on the computer there are a lot of fake sites and that could cause proplems.

How much is it to have Miley Cyrus come to your house and do a concert for your birthday party?

You cant get her to come to your house. I dont think.

When Miley Cyrus come to Romania?

I think Miley Cyrus will come to Romania in automn.

When does miley cyrus's new CD come out 2011?

when does miley cyrus new cd come out

Where does the name miley come from?

Miley Cyrus

How come Miley Cyrus products are so expensive?

Because its Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus comes to Brazil?

Miley Cyrus has not come to Brazil yet.

What part of America does Miley Cyrus come from?

Miley Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

Is Miley Cyrus coming to Fresno?

There are no current plans for Miley Cyrus to come to Fresno.

How much is it to have Miley Cyrus to come to your birthday party and stay for a month?

my gues....A LOT! but i donrt think its up to her to decide

Where did Miley Cyrus come from?

Miley Cyrus came from tennesese!!!!!!!!!!! I met her too she came from nashville Tennessee

Does Miley Cyrus ever come to Florida?

yes miley cyrus came many times to florida