Can Blender Import 3D models

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes It can, go to File > Import > Then select the file format you want to import (e.x. .3ds, .odj)

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Q: Can Blender Import 3D models
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Can you make 3D models in Photoshop CS3 Extended?

I don't think so. If you want to make 3D models, it might be best to use a free 3D modelling and animation software called Blender You can then import the 3D model into photoshop:

What is Procedural models?

Procedural models are models generated by using an algorithm(s) to create the model, instead of a 3d graphic designing it in a program like Blender or 3D studio max.

How do you edit and save a obj file using blender 3d editor?

I import an OBJ file go to file import wavefront (.obj) to export it is the same thing but export instead of import.

How do you desine a computer game like wolfquest?

WolfQuest was made using Unity 3D Pro. There is a free version of Unity 3D with basic scripts provided, though it lacks many of the Pro features used in WolfQuest. Models were, to my knowledge, designed and animated in Maya (a premium 3D modeling program) and imported to the game engine. I know you can import 3D models into Unity easily, as I've seen it done commonly with programs like Blender or 3DS MAX as prime examples. If you know how to make a 3D model, rig it and animate it, you should be fine. There are free 3D models scattered around the worldwide web - it's just a matter of finding them, though there are also premium models out there of better quality. As long as you know how to script in Unity 3D, you should be able to make your own game.

What is the best 3D Mmorpg Model Maker?

blender 3d or Maya autodesk

Is there a program like source film maker that you can use for other games like diablo 3?

Not really. There are programs for 3d movie making in general though. If you're really interested you could try Blender. You could import the models, but I don't know if it always works, I'm not that experienced with this kind of stuff.

Is there an application to do 3D models in Mac?

There are many 3D modeling applications available for the Mac. They range from the free Blender and Sketchup through the mid range Bryce and Vue to the high end Maya. (See links below) There are many other 3D packages for the Mac.

How do you make 3d Lego animation?

You can use Blender.

Where can you get your blender models made online?

Its ok, I wanted my blender models made into real world objects but I have found a website;

What is equivalent of one blender unit from Blender 3D in feet?

You can define the scale yourself as long as you are consistent.

Where can one find photos of import models?

One can find photos of import models by going to the Complex website. It offers the 25 hottest import models on Instagram. Another website to view photos of import models is Google Images.

How do you turn a blender game into a file that can be used without using blender 3d?

File>Save Game as Runtime