Brooke and lucas season 2

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes they are perfect for each other

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Q: Brooke and lucas season 2
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Is Peyton or Brooke Lucas's first girlfriend?

brooke was they dated for a couple episodes in the first season

Did lucas lose his virginity to brooke One Tree Hill?

Yes in season 1

In One Tree Hill what episode does Lucas and Peyton get married in?

which time? they get engaged...and season 6.

Will brooke and lucas be together in season 6?

Yes they will because no matter how many times they broke up they still had feelings with each other. In Season 5 we all know that Brooke was given temporary custody of Angie and Lucas had volunteered to help her with Angie. She fell asleep in Lucas' lap and to me that was the first sign. The second sign is that if Lucas and brooke had no more feelings for each otheer then why is she one of the choices. And the last and final sign is that they slept together over the past four years leading to the one possible theory that Lucas and brooke are made for each other. When you think about it Lucas is the major cause of change in Brooke Davis. She went from wild, party Brooke to Student Council, clothing designer millionaire Brooke. There you have it Brooke & Lucas 4 ever. Lucas + Brooke= LOVE 4 EVER!!!

In One Tree Hill Season 4 who does Lucas end up with Brooke or Peyton?


In One Tree Hill did brooke get Peyton back for cheating with lucas in season 1?

no she does,nt when brooke always says to peyton that stop being with lucas but peyton always just quit her so brooke has a relationship with chase adams now

What is the episode of One Tree Hill where Brooke is met at the airport by Lucas they hug and she starts to cry I'm guessing its from season 5?

brooke adopts a baby and over the baby her and lucas become bery close ut then the baby is taken away from her a women collects the baby from brooke at the airport and lucas is then there after to comfert her.

Does lucas ever cheat on brooke with Peyton in One Tree Hill?

Yes, more than once actually. In season one when Lucas and Brooke become an official couple, Peyton realizes she wants to be with Lucas. She goes to tell him, right after Brooke and Lucas had hooked up. Lucas, torn between Brooke and Peyton, goes with Peyton to search for her father who was presumed lost at sea in a storm. While in the hotel room, Peyton and Lucas make out and almost have sex. After this, Lucas and Peyton sneak around behind Brooke's back and make out. Later Lucas breaks up with Brooke because he feel as if they were moving too fast. Lucas and Keith are in a very bad car crash on the way to pick his mother Karen up from the airport. After Lucas returns home, he goes to see Peyton and they end up making out, but Peyton tells Lucas they can't do that do Brooke. However, Brooke sees them on Peyton's webcam and is furious. This is the first time Peyton/Brooke/Lucas fall out. The second time Lucas cheats on Brooke is when Peyton kisses him in the library of Tree Hill High, after being shot in the leg by Jimmy Edwards. However, Peyton believes she is dying and wants Lucas to know she loves him if he can't save her. Peyton later tells Brooke that she still has feelings for Lucas, which leads to Brooke "breaking up" with Peyton as a friend. Later at Haley and Nathan's vow renewal Lucas accidentally let it slip that they kissed. This leads to Brooke mistrusting and being hostile to Peyton and Lucas. Later, Brooke and Lucas break up for good. Peyton and Brooke through the end of the third season to the middle of the fourth season fight over Lucas' affection as Peyton is dealing with psycho stalker Derek and Brooke with wondering if she made a mistake by dumping Lucas.

What is Brooke Lucas known for?

There isn't a famous Brooke Lucas. Though a couple in One Tree Hill are named Brooke (Davis) and Lucas (Scott). Who have been in the series from day one.

Do lucas and brooke get back with brooke in series 5?

His new girlsfriends name is brooke prestenback

Who is you favorite One Tree Hill Couple?

Peyton and Nathan Nathan and Haley Skills (antwon) and Bevin Lucas and Peyton Lucas and Brooke Phelix and Brooke Mouth (Marvin) and Shelly Rachel and Lucas Jake and Peyton Jake and Niki Keith and Karen Dan and Karen Deb and Dan Julian and Brooke Julian and Peyton Lucas and Lindsey Karen and Andy Lucas and Anna Quinn and Clay Milli and Mouth Brooke and Owen Brooke and Chase

What are the wedding episodes for One Tree Hill?

Brooke and Julian's wedding - Season 8 Episode 13 - The Other Half of Me Peyton and Lucas' wedding - Season 6, Episode 23 - Always and Almost Forever Lindsay and Lucas' wedding - Season 5, Episode 12 - Hundred Haley and Nathan's vow renewal - Season 3, Episode 22 - The Show Must Go On Jules and Keith's wedding - Season 2, Episode 16 - Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking There are also flashbacks of Naley's first wedding spread out in a few episodes mostly in Season 2.