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brooke Davis the one tree hill character turned eighteen in season 4, by the end of season five based four and a half years later she would have turned 23, season six she would be 23/4, and in season seven she is at least 25.

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Brooke Burke is 45 years old (birthdate: September 8, 1971).

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Brooke Adams (actress) is 68 years old (birthdate: February 8, 1949).

*Brooke Nichole Adams (wrestler Brooke) is 33 years old (birthdate December 4, 1984).

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The American actress Brooke Adams was born on the 8th February 1949. She was born in New York City. She is married to the actor Tony Shalhoub and they have two children.

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Brooke Dunn is 12

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Q: In what year was the actress Brooke Adams born?
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