Best to bend while it a twig?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a duck

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Q: Best to bend while it a twig?
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Which one of the five choices makes the best comparison finger is to hand as leaf is to a. twig b.tree c.branch d.blossom e.bark?

Branch Kiran patel CORRECTION: The trunk is similar to the body, while the branches are similar to the arms. So the twigs are similar to leaves as fingers are to hands. So the correct answer is A. Twig.

Finger is to hand as branch is to leaf or twig or bark or tree?

Tree. The branch is the hand, the tree is the body, the bark is the skin.

How do you say twig in German?

Twig is Zweig in German.

How many syllables does twig have?

Twig has one syllable.

What is twig's race in the edge chronicles?

twig's race is a elf

When was Twig the Fairy created?

Twig the Fairy was created in 2010.

When was The Lime Twig created?

The Lime Twig was created in 1961.

What is a twig juncture?

A twig juncture is called a node.

Is book 10 of the edge chronicles about Twig?

Sorry I can't answer that 100% but I'm pretty sure it is about Twig. If not twig then maybe Quint.

How many pages does Twig the Fairy have?

Twig the Fairy has 40 pages.

How many pages does The Lime Twig have?

The Lime Twig has 175 pages.

What is a sentence with the word twig?

Drill a hole into the top of a fir tree twig to create the trunk. He lost his balance when he stepped on a twig on the sidewalk.