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Apparently Allen and lenalee did not kiss in the Anime. Road kissed Allen probably around 85-90.

They do , however hug around ep. 60/61 in a flashback.

Lenalee was fighting Eshi and remembered a conversation with Allen.

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Q: At what episode Allen and Lenalee kiss?
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Will Allen and Lenalee end up together?

oh, it pains me to say this but no. on the last episode they almost kiss but then there friends pop up out of no where so they pull away from eachother

Will Allen and lenalee kiss on d gray man?

Idk but I really hope they ended up together!!

Does lenalee love Allen?

Allen thinks of Lenalee as his older sister so it would be awkward for her to love him.

Would lenalee and Allen be a good couple?

OF COURSE THEY DO!!! I mean Allen Walker and Lenalee look awesome together but I doubt they'd get together in the manga much less the Anime. :-/

Who likes Allen walker from the anime?

Lavi and Lenalee have shown romantic feelings or thoughts towards Allen.

Does lenalee like Allen?

There maybe a chance that she dose like Allen ,but I won't know for sure until they finish the manga

Who is Allen walker and lenalee lee?

I don't think he likes Linalee lee more than a friend. There's NO solid proof yet, so it's a No. Anway...I don't really like linealee lee. :( Allen deserves someone better) Jealous! Lenalee Lee is so cute! They're a perfect couple, in my opinion! i lov Allen carternot him and yae there perfect for each other but if you r talking about lenay then no and i hope never I think Allen likes everybody XD I think she likes him A LOT more than he likes her. Besides, there are other characters that liek Allen too, tlike that one lady from the Asian Branch I think Allen only likes her as a comrade or friend but Allen thinks shes cute- ____________________________________________________________ I think that Allen and Lenalee like each other. I think it kinda shows in the anime.

Does alen like lenanna from dgray man?

I have to say I love your question. It is not declared in the love affair section, but it is declared that Allen thinks of Lenalee as an older sister and Lenalee thinks of Allen as a younger brother.Whether this evolves into love, I'm not sure because the manga series is still being continued.-CaitydidP.s. I'm rooting for it to evolve into love.

Does lavi love lenalee?

Yes i think he loves lenalee cause he cares the most about her..Infact he is a lot of time ?jeaulous? . For example on episode ; Reunion & Disappearance) he practically lashed at Lenalee to stand up. So this makes it slightly possible that Lavi may Harbour certain feelings for Lenalee(considering he is a Bookman). Or when he makes a joke that she doesnt get a boyfriend XD She said that is not his concern and get a slap.And he asked then not my concern?So its really so he loves her!

What episode does maron and chiaki kiss?

They kiss in episode 16 and episode 33

In which episode do Nartuto and Sakura kiss?

They kiss in the final episode.

Which episode did yumi and ulrich kiss?

they kiss in episode 78, and 22