Are there guns in Naruto

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Technically Yes, guns do exist within the series of Naruto/Naruto Shippuden; However, it should be noted that they are never used as weapons in actual combat.

This can be explained in a number of ways. For example, a firearm is seen in Chapter 19, page 7 of the Naruto manga sitting behind the checkout counter of a local store. From it's appearance it seems to have no external breech, and no external magazine implying that it is a single-shot firearm. This is further supported by the rather large hammer at the back of the rifle making it bare a striking resemblance to that of muskets used during the 1800's. If this is the case then explaining why firearms are not used as regular combat weapons in the world of Naruto is relatively simple.

(1) The single shot use is far more suitable for hunting than combat as the absurdly slow reload speed would be make numerous shots in ninja on ninja combat nearly impossible.

(2) The weight of the powder, bullets, and firearm itself would be hindering to a ninja who could easily have 10 times the firepower with paper-bombs (a common explosive in Naruto) that are only a fraction of the weight.

(3) Holding a firearm would make weaving hand-signs for Jutsus impossible.

(4) The superhuman abilities of ninjas in the Naruto world make the chances of a kill extremely low as the use of illusions, clones, and replacement jutsus are relatively common. The enhanced speed and agility of ninjas also sharply decreases the likelihood of even hitting a target.

With all the examples above one can clearly see why guns in general are not used as weapons in Naruto. Firearms are not at the technological level necessary for them to be a viable alternative to the weapons currently in use.

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Q: Are there guns in Naruto
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