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Q: Are there cliff's notes for Ben-hur?
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Are Cliffs Notes available for the book Three Cups of Tea?

Three Cups of Tea notes are available on the website "Sparknotes," which is basically the same things as Cliffs Notes. I am not sure if Cliffs Notes offers notes on the book.

When was Benhur Salimbangon born?

Benhur Salimbangon was born in 1945.

Where did they get the name for Cliffs Notes?

CliffsNotes were started by Cliff Hillegass

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Where can you find chapter summaries of the book The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks?

You can go to a bookstore or visit spark notes or cliffs notes.

How many laps were in the climactic chariot race in BenHur?


Who is Dash Benhur?

One author who written the famous story'The Tribute' . Animesh Biswas

Where to Find clip notes on the book home before dark?

First of all, the pages are called cliffs notes not clip notes. Second of all you can try spark notes, and monkey notes too. Just an FYI, teachers enjoy assigning books that cannot be found on the above sites so you are forced to read the entire thing and think on your own.

Are the Cliffs of Moher the biggest cliffs in Ireland?

No. There are higher cliffs along Ireland's west coast.

Name of the 4th district congressman in cebu?

Benhur L. Salimbangon is the representative for the 4th congressional district in Cebu. Cebu is an area of the Philippines.

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Check out the White Cliffs of Dover.

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There are many cliffs in Wales