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well there are a lot of shows like shaman king.

I'm not sure if naruto is one but it's a great show just like it's sequel which is currently on season 12.

there is d-n-angel

and fairy tail

and you can also try Yu-Gi-Oh.

these are some helpful suggestions

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Q: Are there any shows like Shaman King?
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After shaman king episode 64 is there any more episodes?

no, the final is in 64

Are there any Danish anime movies or series?

Yes, but quite few, like Avatar, dragon ball, mew mew power and shaman king.

Is their any anime like kiba?

Mar , Shaman King , Tokyo Underground , Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play and El-Hazard: The Magnificent World .

Are there any shaman king video games?

Look,first off all if you have internet use it. and second, yes there are shaman king games. heres the wikipedia link with the list of games...

Is there any good anime like The Law Of Ueki and Shaman King?

Hunter x Hunter - Konjiki no Gash Bell!! - Bleach - Flame of Recca and Groove Adventure Rave .

Do any of you know a good name for a shaman's shop NOT Shamansbury's - The Mighty Boosh have had that. It must have shaman in it or something to do with the word shaman?

Shaman City.

Why pagan needs a shaman?

Anyone may consult a Shaman, for any number of reasons.

Are there any shows similar to Shaman King that have tournaments and people with powers and no cussing and at least three good guys?

Busou Renkin - Both shows have characters that fight each other with unique powers imbued into the form of weapons. Also, there is a united front to fight one overpowered enemy in both shows.Flame of Recca , Bleach , Law of Ueki , Naruto , Groove Adventure Rave .

Will there be shaman king 65 and above?

There won't be any more episodes past episode 64 where Yoh destroys Zeke/Hao and Anna gives up trying to be Shaman Queen. However, There will be an extension of that episode in the form of a movie Shonen Jump is planning to publish in 2012.

Is there any test for recognaizing shaman's power?

The test comes from your heart. If you believe in the power of your Shaman then you believe he will help guide you. If you are looking to the Shaman to have supernatural powers you may be asking too much. The Shaman will help you have faith in what can be done both physically and spiritually.

Is there any anime series like Naruto Shaman King or The Familiar of Zero?

I'm guessing you're into those shounen types of animes Bleach, I heard Soul Eater was really good, Full Metal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho

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