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Yes, Blockbuster is still a business with physical stores. They only shut down stores in certain areas since filing for bankruptcy. They are now mainly focusing on their mail/kiosk/online services, but still have physical stores.

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Q: Are there any blockbuster physical stores left?
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Where can one get blockbuster rentals?

One can get Blockbuster Rentals at any of the 500 Blockbuster stores that are left in the United States and the more than 9,000 that are left in the other 17 countries including the UK, Brazil, and Australia.

How does the Blockbuster online work?

With Blockbuster Online you log on to the website and choose the movie you would like to watch. Blockbuster then sends you a DVD to watch in your home and you can return it in any physical store or in the mail when you are done with it.

Where can one purchase kids DVDs?

Kids DVDs can be bought from a variety of physical and online stores. They can be bought at almost any video store, such as Blockbuster. They can be purchased online from other retailers as well, such as Amazon.

Can a movie be returned to any Blockbuster kiosk?

No. The Blockbuster stores are franchises, meaning each one operates independently of all the others. You must return your movies to the store you rented them from.

When will twilight new moon be released?

It is already out on DVD and Blu-Ray, you can buy it from stores such as Blockbuster, and any Walmart store.

What is Blockbuster LLC's motto?

Blockbuster LLC's motto is 'Any way, Anywhere...'.

Is there any more copies of knocked up in blockbuster?

That completely depends on what blockbuster you go to.

How many stores does Blockbuster have?

Blockbuster doesn't have any movies. All they are is a glorified candy store. All right, the serious answer is that they claim they have 60,000 titles. But that's Blockbuster online, not the Blockbuster stores. Each individual store does not have 60,000 titles. The one near my house only has about 500. Seriously. It's pathetic. And they're all awful movies. The only movies they carry are mainstream shlock like 2 Fast 2 Furious. The one near my house doesn't even carry Fargo or A Clockwork Orange or Session 9. But they have 50 copies of I Love You Man.

Where can you buy Halo master chief armor?

You can buy it at Wal-Mart, Game Stop, you can rent it at places like Movie Gallery or Blockbuster. Any game stores is where you can get if from.

Is there any Steve and Barry store locations left?

They are out of business closed all stores in Jan 2009

Where can you buy twilight school supplies?

at any blockbuster

Where can one find information regarding Blockbuster free trials?

Information regarding Blockbuster free trials can be found at any participating Blockbuster establishment. Information about free trials can also be found on the companies Website.