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he has his ears periced but nowhere else he did have his left nipple done but not any more

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Q: Does ville valo have any piercings?
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Is Ville Valo racist?

no ville valo is not a racist, if you watch some ville valo footage you will see him making out with black girls.

What nicknames does Ville Valo go by?

Ville Valo goes by Rakohammas.

When was Ville Valo born?

Ville Valo was born on November 22, 1976.

How many kilograms is Ville Valo?

Ville Valo's weight is about 66 kilogrames.

Who is love ville valo?

If you mean who is Ville's special someone, he doesn't have any at the moment

What is Ville Valo's fathers name?

Kari Valo

Where did ville valo and aimee todd meet?

Ville Valo is not married to Aimee Todd. Ville wants his love life private!

Is there a photo with Ville Valo's parents house?

Ville Valo,Kari Valo,Anita Valo and Jesse Valo (all personal friends of mine),like to keep their space personal.,no sorry there are no photos available...

What is the sexual orientation of Ville Valo?

Ville Hermanni Valo has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

Does ville valo have a girlfrind?


Did ville valo?

Yes, he did!!

Does Ville Valo have a son?