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There normal people just like you and me. They play characters on's not real. It's kind of like a soap opera for is reeal its not acting -,- its real when will you lear its real even vince said it itnnot soap Opera

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Q: Are the WWE wrestlers mean in real life?
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Who are batista's friends in the WWE?

Most wrestlers in real life.

Are WWE wrestlers real?

yes they are real

What are the wrestlers names on wwe?

Their real names

Is the miz freinds with Cody Rhodes?

Yes. Most WWE wrestlers are friends with one another in real life

Are Dave bautista and mark callaway friends?

probably a lot of wrestlers are friends in real life yes Dave bautista and mark callaway are real friends most of the wwe and tna wrestlers are friends.

What is WWE wrestling real names?

Which wrestlers do you want to know about?

Is the WWE real at hitting?

No, the WWE is fake. If it were real, most of the wrestlers would either be dead or seriously paralized and massove injuries.

What are some ideas for wwe posters?

some are wrestlers,main events,wwe life styles

Is WWE WrestleMania real?

No. It is scripted and has a storyline. The wrestlers are "actors" in a sports show.

What is real dope on aj lee dolph ziggler?

The real dope on Aj Lee and Dolph Ziggler is that they are not real life lovers. They were only faux dating during a WWE storyline. The two wrestlers are only friends in real life.

Why did most of the WWE wrestlers go to TNA?

Because they mcant find a job i mean some of the wrestlers are stupid

Are WWE wrestlers related?

The Hardy Boyz are real Brothers and the Brothers of destruction are half Brother