WWE wrestlers starting with p

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Q: WWE wrestlers starting with p
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Who the gay wrestlers in WWE?

There is no homosexual wrestlers in WWE currently.

Current roster for WWE?

there are 46 wrestlers in wwe

Which WWE male wrestlers are single?

A lot of wwe wrestlers are single but the only one i can think of is The Miz. Most of the WWE wrestlers are either married or dating including the Miz he is married to Maryse.

How much do WWE wrestlers earn a week?

the low end average of a wwe wrestlers income is $2000 a week

Do any WWE wrestlers have the virus autism?

Autism is NOT a virus, it's a neurone disorder. No, no WWE wrestlers have Autism.

How many wrestlers have died from WWE?

They said 99 wrestlers have died

What wrestlers in WWE are dead? this is a list of some but not all, the wwe superstar i miss the most is Eddie Guerrero R.I.P

How many wrestlers in the WWE die?

Most of the WWE wrestlers take steroids and steroids can kill you. WWE wrestlers will die earlier than normal from taking steroids. The WWE wrestlers are trained not to hurt each other. They will not die in the ring! Get your facts straight, no one in the WWE takes steroids anymore they get fined and suspened and fired for it

Why do some WWE wrestlers get paid more than other WWE wrestlers?

Because they have more experienc and are a bigger draw

Is all the wrestlers on WWE nice?

I think you meant to ask "Are all the wrestlers in WWE nice?" I have no idea. Some probably are.

About new wrestlers to come in wwe?

well there not like nhl there drafts go to smackdown or raw but wrestlers sign to wwe

Who is the worse WWE wrestlers?


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