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OF COURSE! Nick Jonas is in a band called Nick Jonas and the Administration. But the Jonas brothers will always be together. there in two movies called Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 the final jam as connect 3-Shane-Joe,Nate-Nick, Jason-Kevin. In a T.V. show called J.O.N.A.S. as a band called JONAS. But there called the Lucus Brothers. But there first names are the same. They've been in a whole bunch of Music Videos. An they were in an episode of Hannah Montana. That's how people started to like them and be fans of them.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:50:16
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Q: Are the Jonas brothers going to still be a band together?
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Did Nick Jonas quit the Jonas Brothers?

No he is just going solo for a while he has a solo album now its called nick Jonas and the adminstration - who i am but the Jonas brothers are still together

Is the Jonas brothers still together?


Why were the Jonas brothers going to breakup?

they were never going to breakup even if they did they will still be brothers

Are the Jonas brothers breaking up because of nick going solo?

No, the Jonas Brothers are most certainly not breaking up. Nick Jonas made his new album as a side project. The Jonas Brothers are still together and they even said in an interview that they were planning on going on tour again soon.

Do the Jonas Brothers live together?

Yes of course they do. They are brothers. Them and their whole family still live together!

Why did they broking up?

If you are talking about the Jonas brothers, they haven't broke up. Nick went and has another band called Nick and the Administration, but the Jonas Brothers are still together.

Are the Jonas brothers singing together?

Not currently. They may still sing together but not in a group as much as they did previously.

Has the Jonas brothers brokeup?

No, Nick is just doing his side project, Nick Jonas And the administration on the side. they are still together:)

Are the Jonas Brothers still alive?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are alive.

How did the Jonas Brothers break up?

Actually they haven't. I dont know what you are talking about. They are still together as the Jonas Brothers. Nick however, made his own album but is still with Joe and Kevin. Hope this helped!

Does nick Jonas still live with the Jonas brothers?

i think he lives with his mom dad and brothers still

Does Joe Jonas still live with the Jonas brothers?

Yes,he still is.

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