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no she is in love with sonic

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Amy Rose

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No!! Because Amy would not be chasing sonic then U-U
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Q: Are sonic and Amy brother and sister?
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Are Sonic The Hedgehog and Amy Rose brother and sister?

No. Amy considers herself Sonic's girlfriend.

Are Amy Rose and Sonic the hedgehog brother and sister?

No, don't you know that Amy is inlove with sonic?

Are Amy Rose and Shadow friends?

Yes they are brother and sister. I know that you asked who Amy Rose's friends are and they are Sonic (brother), Shadow (brother), Silver (brother), and Cream the Rabbit (looks up to her as an older sister).there not brothers and sister shadow was crieriet, sonic has 1 brother and 1 sister wich is dominic and his sister sonia. and amy is a freind and silver is also a freind. and amy dasent know shadow that mach.

Does Amy rose of sonic have a sister?

No. Amy does not have a sister.

How many sisters and brothers does Sonic the Hedgehog have?

Sonic has one sister named Amy and three brothers named Shaow and Silver. Report if one more edit. Sonic's sister and brother appear in Sonic Underground. His sister's name is Sonia and his brother's name is Manic.

Who are sonic's brother and sister?

Sonic's brother is "Manic" and his sister is "Sonia."

Does Sonic the Hedgehog have a brother or a sister?

Sonic has a brother (Manic) and a sister (Sonia).

Who is Amy in love with sonic or shadow?

sonic...because of amy have 3 brother sonic is his girl friend

Does sonic have a brother or sister?

yes, in sonic underground his brother and sister names are manic and sonia

Does shadow have a sister or brother?

Well i don't know if shadow has a sister but I know that he has a brother and his name is Sonic.If Sonic has another brother or sister that its shadow's sister and brother. Note : That Shadow and Sonic are hedgehogs and sonic is faster

Does Amy whinehouse have a sister?

No Amy did not have a sister. Amy had one brother and his name is Alex.

who Amy and rouge best sister Amy is the best sister?

sonic thanks amy is the sexys girl he ever saw

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