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It depends, if the child is mature or not.

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Q: Are goosebumps movies scary for kids age 8 and under?
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Why was Goosebumps The Haunted Mask banned?

scary; and gave kids nightmares

What Was Goosebumps HorrorLand About?

It is all about these kids that have these wierd adventures they are also a little scary sometimes.but i love them:)

What are some good scary movies for kids?

Well, kids shouldn't watch scary movies at all. It depends on how old the kids you're talking about is. If the kid is old enough to understand that scary movies are NOT real, then I guess I would recommend some old horror movies that aren't too violent and scary. NOTHING at all like Friday the 13th, ESPECIALLY A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Halloween movies, etc. Probably something black and white or something not TOO scary, for we are talking about kids. However, if they do understand horror movies aren't real and/or become teenagers, I'd try to let them watch something more scary, like one of the movies I already mentioned. I hope this helps :o) PS. Here, I'll list a few movies that might be kid appropriate if they believe horror movies aren't real and want something not too scary: (Minor ghost movies) Wolfman might be good (No, not the remake, probably too violent) Dracula movies Anything black and white The House on the Cemetery (This movie is alright, but not too suitable for minors...) Maybe Carnival of Souls (Once again, not the remake. But maybe the remake would be alright...) Whatever else you think isn't too violent~

Who writes the lyrics for scary kids scaring kids?

Well the only author I can think of who writes scary books and movies is r.l. Stine. My name is josh north am I am in fifth grade.

Why kids should not watch horror movies?

As long as the child understands that it is only a movie, and not real. Then no, I do not think they are a bad influence to kids. I grew up watching horror movies, and now they are one of my passions. I am a horror artist.

Do they have scary movies for kids?

Yes I believe because I saw this really scary movie that scared me and I was only like 8 I am 10 now and it still scares me and that movie was for kids and it was on a kid's channel.

Is the movie batman 3 a scary movie?

Batman 3 is not scaryIt might be scary for kids 9 and under..

Why are scary movies not good for kids?

Scary movies can be especially detrimental to children because they are still learning to distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. Because of this, images that are not frightening to adults because adults know that they are not real, can be terrifying to young children. Kids also tend to have very active imaginations! A clip from a scary movie may be played over and over again in a kid's mind, causing a continuing cycle of anxiety and fear. Scary movies can cause unnecessary harm to the emotional stability of kids due to their naivete and innocence.

Is Goosebumps for kids?

is was going to be for adults

Is scary movie the movie for kids?

yes ,sometimes Gremlins was made for kids and it's a horror film so yes. Some horror movies are made for kids.

Can you watch scary movies at 10 years old?

Yes, if your parents say it's okay. Unless it's an NC-17 movie and you want to see it in a theater. Kids under 17 can see R rated movies in theaters with a parent or guardian, however, kids under 17 CANNOT see an NC-17 movie in theaters, not even with a parent.

What channel is fox kids goosebumps?