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They met in October 2008 at the Barfly music venue. Sykes and Hendrick dated until September 2011, then separated for a period, before resuming their relationship again in June 2012. They broke up in October 2012.

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They were but not anymore.....that is just what I have heard.

There back together now.

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23 September, 2011

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Q: Are Oliver Sykes and Amanda Hendrick in a relationship?
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Are oliver Sykes and Amanda hendrick going out?


Is Oliver Sykes dating anyone?

Amanda Hendrick

Is Oli Sykes Single?

*Oli And he's dating Amanda Hendrick

Who is Oli Sykes dating?

Amanda Hendrick.

Are Oliver Sykes and Sarah Whitley still together?

Amanda Hendrick, he's dating her now.

Who is oli Sykes girlfreind?

Amanda Hendrick

Amanda hendrick still with oliver Sykes?

no Amanda is not dating oliver anymore..they broke up yesturday :( Amanda said on her facebook "wer're so over,we need a new word for over" Amanda and Oli are back together.

Whos oliver Sykes girlfriend?

this amazing girl CandaceThe first guy is wrong, it's Amanda Hendrick. She's a model.

Who is oli Sykes girl friend?

Amanda Hendrick

Does Oli Sykes have a girlfriend?

Amanda Hendrick No, he split up with Amanda a few days ago.

What is oli Sykes girlfriends name?

He's currently dating model Amanda Hendrick

Is Oliver Sykes related to Nathan Sykes?

No, Oliver Sykes is not related to Nathan Sykes.