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No, Oliver Sykes is not related to Nathan Sykes.

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Q: Is Oliver Sykes related to Nathan Sykes?
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Who is Nathan Sykes's mother?

Nathan Sykes' mother is Karen Sykes.

Does Nathan Sykes have a tatoo?

Nathan James Sykes does not have a tattoo.

Is Nathan Sykes Jewish?

No, it does not appear that Nathan Sykes is Jewish.

Does Nathan Sykes from the wanted have Skype?

skype Nathan Sykes

What is Oliver Sykes real name?

that is his real name. oliver Scott Sykes.

How tall is Oliver Sykes?

Oliver Sykes is 6'2.

Where can you find pictures of Oliver Sykes?

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When was Nathan Sykes born?

Nathan Sykes was born on April 18, 1993

What is Nathan James sykes religion?

Nathan Sykes is belived to be Jewish

Is it Nathan Skyes or Nathan Sykes?

If you mean the member of the British band, The Wanted; Nathan Sykes

What is Oliver sykes's full name?

oliver Scott Sykes

What Age Group Is Oliver Sykes?

Oliver Sykes is 24.