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Yes, it's gubby , he is showed on the icarly special I physco

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Yeah, they are. (Guppy is so cute!!!)

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Yes, they are brothers.

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Q: Are Gibby and Gubby from iCarly related in real life?
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Where is gibby from iCarly from in real life?

Noah Munck is from Hollywood.

What is Noah Muncks Personality in real life?

He is not dumb like he is on the show "ICarly" When he plays the character "Gibby Gibson"

Is Gibby related to Guppy?

Yes there brothers in real life

Who played Guppy Gibson in iCarly?

Guppy Gibson is portrayed by Ethan Munck, and is the real life brother of Noah Munck (Gibby)

How old is gibby on iCarly?

In the show they are in the 9th grade, they are suppose to be about 15 years old each but in real life Carly is 17 Freddy is 16 and Sam is 18. Gibby, is 14 now he was born in 1996 May 3 in ORange Country CA

What are the titles of iCarly season 3?

All of the iCarly episodes made so far of season 3 are: iThink They Kissed, iCook, iSpeed Date, iCarly Awards, iHate My Principals, iFind Lewberts Lost Love, iMove Out, iQuit iCarly, iSaved Your Life, iWas A Pageant Girl, iEnrage Gibby, iSpace Out, iFix A Popstar and iBelieve In Bigfoot.

Is Gibby a name in real life?

yes i knew a boy whose name was Gibby.

If Freddie enrages Gibby by stealing Gibby's girlfriend then does it mean Freddie is not dating Carly?

Yes, at the end of "iSaved Your Life" Carly and Freddie are not dating.

When does iCarly Isaved Your Life premiere?

Icarly Isaved your life comes out on January 16.

Is the shaddow hammer on iCarly really bad in real life or is it just for iCarly?

No, it's just for iCarly

Icarly isaved your life when does it come on tv?

iCarly isaved your life is gonna come out on January 2 or 9

On iCarly do Freddie break his leg?

Well i think in icarly iSaved your life