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Q: Are Diane keaton's children adopted
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Who is Diane keatons father?

Not Michael Keaton the actor....

Who were Walt Disney's children?

Walt and Lillian Disney had two children, Diane Marie Disney and Sharon Mae Disney (adopted).

Could Walt Disney have children?

He had two daughters: Diane and Sharon. Sharon was adopted.

What is that movie where the mother finds this guy online for the daughter and she's two timing with this single dad musician?

The movie is 'Because I Said So' with Diane keatons.

Does Diane swayer have children?

Diane Swayer does not have children of her own.

When was Diane Disney Miller born?

Lilly Disney gave birth to Diane Marie Disney on December 18, 1933. Diane was Walt Disney's first child and the only that is blood related to him. After Lilly gave birth to Diane doctors advised her not to have any more children. Walt and Lilly's younger daughter, Sharon was adopted.

Does Lionel Richie have biological children with Brenda?

No, he doesn't. With his wife Brenda he adopted Nicole Camille Escovedo Richie. He has two biological children with his second wife Diane: Miles Brockman and Sofia.

How old is Diane Keaton and has she ever married?

Diane Keaton turned 70 in 2016. She has never married, but had relationships with Woody Allen, Al Pacino and others. She adopted two children: daughter Dexter (adopted 1996) and son Duke (2001).

Does Niel Simon have any children?

Neil Simon has 3 daughters. Ellen and Nancy are his children with Joan Baim, who died in 1973. He has a daughter, Bryn (who was adopted) with Diane Lander, whom he divorced in 1998.

Who are Michael keatons parents?

Michael John Douglas

Does Diane Gaidry have children?

No she doesn't have any children.

How many children did Bob Hope have?

he had 4 adopted children