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In real life, all of the wrestlers are friends. But in the script, they are basically enemies. But most wrestlers are friends with each other in real life.

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I'm not completely sure but they haven't been mean to each other or had a big fight so I hope this kind of helps.

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Maybe Maybe Maybe

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Q: Are Batista and Triple H friends?
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Who is better Triple H or batista?

triple h is better than batista

Who sings batista and Triple H's entrance music?

Batista's music is by Saliva and Triple H's music is Motorhead

Is batista friends with rey mysterio after bragging rights?

yes, wwe is fake for all you mental people out there!!! they're all friends. Randy Orton is friends with triple h, john cena, and batista.

Are batista and Triple H step brothers?


Who won Hell In A Cell Triple H Vs Batista?

Batista won

Is Triple H undefeated at hell in a cell?

Triple H lost to Batista in Hell in a Cell.

Who was Batista taught by?

Triple H and Ric Flair

What WWE brand has the best superstars?

RAW it has triple h john cena batista!!!I luvvvvvvvvvvvvv triple h!!!!

What are Batista Undertaker and Triple H's special moves?

Batista's move is a Batista bomb and spear , Undertakers moves are a choke slam and tombstone,Triple H's move's are a spinebuster and a pedigry and correct me if I'm wrong about the pedigry

Who would win in a fight Undertaker or the Rock?

THE ANIMAL BATISTA! because gess who won the hell in a cell match batista vs triple h yes you know it batista and he also won another match against triple h so i think batista has the upper advantage

Who was in Evoltion?

Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista

Who is coming back in the WWE in 2011?

triple h and batista i think