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no, ashlee greene(Alice Cullen) is dating Jackson rathbone(jasper Cullen) (:

no Alice isn't dating jasper cuz hes married to rosalie in real life

No. Ashley Greene is not dating either Jackson or Kellan, she has admitted to having a crush on Jackson but says her and kellan are just friends.

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Q: Are Alice and Emmett Dating in Real Life?
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Do Alice and Emmett kiss in real life?

No if Alice kissed any one it was Jasper cause remember Emmet likes Rosalie

Is the order Jasper Emmett Rosalie Alice and Edward in the movie twilight?

In order of real age it is: Emmett (20) and Jasper (20), Alice (19), Rosalie (18), Edward (17). In order of vamp age it is: Jasper (1863), Edward (1918), Alice (1920), Rosalie (1933), Emmett (1935) In order of arrival into the family it is: Edward, Rosalie, Emmett and then Alice and Jasper together.

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Yes and no. They are brothers and sisters, just not related by blood.

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Emmett's real mane in the book is Emmett Mcarthy.

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