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Paul Robeson

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Q: American actor and singer branded as a communist Paul?
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Is Tim Allen an actor and a singer?

He's an actor but not a singer.

Who are famous people named Neil?

Neil Diamond, singer, songwriter Neil Young, singer Neil Patrick Harris, actor Neil Armstrong, American astronaut

Are Sean astin and skylar astin related?

Sean Astin and Skylar Astin are not related to one another. Skylar Astin is an American actor and singer. Sean Austin is also an American actor but he is much older than Skylar.

Which actors are gay?

Don't Believe Everything You ReadUnless the celebrity has "come out of the closet" and confirmed they are either bisexual or gay, then it's unfair to drop any celebrities name just for the sake of gossip. Example: A tabloid made the statement that Tom Cruise was gay and he sued and won. If you aren't gay then you certainly don't want to be dubbed gay. If gay, then there should be no reprocussions from this and it should not interfere with being an actor. Actors should be able to play straight people, gay people, or a straight person should be able to play gay (Robin Williams did in "Bird Cage" and was dubbed as being gay.) Here are a very few names, but it will get you started:T.R. Knights from Grey's AnatomyRosie O'DonnellNeil Patrick Harris as Doogie Howser, M.D.Lance Bass ('n Sync member)Ellen De GeneresK.D. LangCarson Kressley/Ted Allen/Thom Filicia/Jai Rodriquez/Kyan Douglas from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"Ru Paul (runway model and Drag Queen)Cynthia NixonRichard Harris as Survivor winnerMelissa EtheridgeChad Allen (in "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)Nathan Lane (Bird Cage)Dan Butler (played "Bulldog" on "Frasier")Sir Elton JohnHarvey FiersteinRupert EverettGeorge Takei (Star Trek)Greg Louganis (former U.S. Olympic Diver)George MichaelBoy GeorgeDanny Roberts (of "The Broken Hearts Club)Christopher Rice (author and his author mother is Anne Rice)Fred Schnieder (lead singer of the B52s)B.D. Wong (plays Dr. George Huang in "Law & Order)Sandra BernhardJames Dean (bisexual...deceased)Madonna (bisexual)Courtney Love (bisexual)Alicia KeysAnthony HopkinsDavid BowieClay AikenEver since Hollywood first began there were tales of wild times and orgies (and there were) loaded with drugs, prohibition booze and according to everyone else, everyone was gay. It was said that many Casting Directors wanted, shall we say favors for a good role and this also not only included women breaking into the acting business, but men.

Who is Jared letto?

Jared leto is an American actor from films like Alexander and Fight Club he is also the lead singer of the band 30 seconds to mars

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How is an American actor and singer begging with j?

Justin Timberlake is an American singer & actor. His name begins with the letter J.

Who is terrence howard?

Terrence Howard is an American actor and singer.

Is josh duhamel a singer?

No. He's an American actor and a fashion model.

Ethnic clothes beginning with the letter k?

Kevin Costner is an American actor. Kris Kristofferson is a singer and actor. Kevin Spacey is an actor.

Who was a football all-American and well-known actor and singer?

Paul Robeson.

An al-american football player and a well-known singer and actor?

Paul Robeson

Is Nick roux Chinese?

No, Nick Roux is not Chinese. He is an American actor and singer.

Which actor appeared in the series Branded?

Chuck Connors

Is Tim Allen an actor and a singer?

He's an actor but not a singer.

American actor Oliver Hudson was born where?

The American actor Oliver Hudson was born on September 7, 1976 in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of actress Goldie Hawn and actor/singer Bill Hudson.

Celebrity names that start with t?

· Tim Tebow (football) · Justin Timberlake (singer & actor) · John Travolta (actor) · Donald Trump (American businessman) · Shania Twain (singer)

Is cordell a singer or a actor?

A Singer