Which actors are gay

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Don't Believe Everything You ReadUnless the celebrity has "come out of the closet" and confirmed they are either bisexual or gay, then it's unfair to drop any celebrities name just for the sake of gossip. Example: A tabloid made the statement that Tom Cruise was gay and he sued and won. If you aren't gay then you certainly don't want to be dubbed gay. If gay, then there should be no reprocussions from this and it should not interfere with being an actor. Actors should be able to play straight people, gay people, or a straight person should be able to play gay (Robin Williams did in "Bird Cage" and was dubbed as being gay.)

Here are a very few names, but it will get you started:

  • T.R. Knights from Grey's Anatomy
  • Rosie O'Donnell
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Doogie Howser, M.D.
  • Lance Bass ('n Sync member)
  • Ellen De Generes
  • K.D. Lang
  • Carson Kressley/Ted Allen/Thom Filicia/Jai Rodriquez/Kyan Douglas from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"
  • Ru Paul (runway model and Drag Queen)
  • Cynthia Nixon
  • Richard Harris as Survivor winner
  • Melissa Etheridge
  • Chad Allen (in "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)
  • Nathan Lane (Bird Cage)
  • Dan Butler (played "Bulldog" on "Frasier")
  • Sir Elton John
  • Harvey Fierstein
  • Rupert Everett
  • George Takei (Star Trek)
  • Greg Louganis (former U.S. Olympic Diver)
  • George Michael
  • Boy George
  • Danny Roberts (of "The Broken Hearts Club)
  • Christopher Rice (author and his author mother is Anne Rice)
  • Fred Schnieder (lead singer of the B52s)
  • B.D. Wong (plays Dr. George Huang in "Law & Order)
  • Sandra Bernhard
  • James Dean (bisexual...deceased)
  • Madonna (bisexual)
  • Courtney Love (bisexual)
  • Alicia Keys
  • Anthony Hopkins
  • David Bowie
  • Clay Aiken

Ever since Hollywood first began there were tales of wild times and orgies (and there were) loaded with drugs, prohibition booze and according to everyone else, everyone was gay. It was said that many Casting Directors wanted, shall we say favors for a good role and this also not only included women breaking into the acting business, but men.

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There are many gays in the acting industry. There are also a lot of rumors. It is best to only believe what the actors are open about themselves. There are probably too many gay actors to create a full list, but some openly gay actors are:

  • Clay Aiken
  • Nathan Lane
  • George Michael (singer/songwriter)
  • David Hyde Pierce
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Luke MacFarlane
  • Lance Bass
  • Ricky Martin
  • Richard Chamberlain
  • Rupert Everett
  • Stephen Fry
  • Ian McKellen
  • Adam Lambert
  • Ru Paul
  • George Takei
  • Richard Simmons
  • Rock Hudson
  • Paul Lynde
  • Robert Reed
  • Chris Colfer
  • Jim Nabors
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Kevin Spacey
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There are thousands. Here is a partial list:

Harry Andrews 1911-1989 English Actor

Robert Andrews 1895-1976 English Actor

Robert Arthur 1925-2008 American Actor

Ant b. 1967 American Actor, comedian

Chad Allen b. 1974 American Actor, gay activist

Steve Antin b. 1956 American Actor, screenwriter

Salvatore Antonio b. 1976 Canadian Actor, writer

John Barrowman b. 1967 Scottish Actor

Alan Bates 1934-2003 English Actor

Bryan Batt b. 1963 American Actor

Gary Beach b. 1947 American Actor

Simon Russell Beale b. 1961 English Actor

Helmut Berger b. 1944 Austrian Actor

Thom Bierdz b. 1962 American Actor

Dirk Bogarde 1921-1999 English Actor

Matt Bomer b. 1977 American Actor

Jeff Bowen b. 1971 American Actor

Daniel Boys b. 1979 British Actor

Wilfrid Brambell 1912-1985 Irish Actor

Marlon Brando 1924-2004 American Actor

Bunny Breckinridge 1903-1996 American Actor

Jean-Claude Brialy 1933-2007 French Actor

Louise Brooks 1906-1985 American Actor

Coral Browne 1913-1991 Australian Actor

Jim J. Bullock b. 1955 American Actor

Raymond Burr 1917-1993 Canadian Actor

Saffron Burrows b. 1973 English American Actor

Dan Butler b. 1954 American Actor

Spring Byington 1886-1971 American Actor

Patrick Bristow b. 1962 American Actor, comedian

Francisco Bosch b. 1982 Spanish Actor, dancer

Trev Broudy b. 1968 American Actor, model

Erin Brown b. 1979 English Actor, model, filmmaker

Jay Brannan b. 1982 American Actor, musician

Jos Brink 1942-2007 Dutch Actor, musician

Walter Borden b. ? Canadian Actor, playwright

Klaus Bondam b. 1963 Danish Actor, politician

Alfred Biolek b. 1934 German Actor, producer

Simon Callow b. 1949 English Actor

Tim Campbell b. 1975 Australian Actor

Jack Cassidy 1927-1976 American Actor

Megan Cavanagh b. 1960 American Actor

Richard Chamberlain b. 1934 American Actor

Kevin Chamberlin b. 1963 American Actor

Ian Charleson 1949-1990 Scottish Actor

Montgomery Clift 1920-1966 American Actor

James Coco 1930-1987 American Actor

Charlie Condou b. 1974 English Actor

Antony Cotton b. 1975 English Actor

Joan Crawford 1905-1977 American Actor

Richard Cromwell 1910-1960 American Actor

Wilson Cruz b. 1973 American Actor

Alan Cumming b. 1965 Scottish Actor

Charlotte Saunders Cushman 1816-1876 American Actor

Zebedy Colt 1929-2004 American Actor, director

Logan Carter 1954-1997 American Actor, female impersonator

Timothy Conigrave 1959-1994 Australian Actor, playwright

Noël Coward 1899-1973 English Actor, playwright

Michael Cashman b. 1950 English Actor, politician

Leslie Cheung 1956-2003 Hong Kong Actor, pop musician

Craig Chester b. 1965 American Actor, screenwriter

Sebastian Castro b. 1989 American Actor, singer

Chris Colfer b. 1990 American Actor, singer

James Collins Canadian actor, singer & songwriter

Matt Dallas b. 1982 American Actor

Joe Dallesandro b. 1948 American Actor

Blyth Daly 1901-1965 American Actor

Ben Daniels b. 1964 English Actor

Charlie David b. 1980 Canadian Actor

Richard Deacon 1921-1984 American Actor

James Dean 1931-1955 American Actor

Guillermo Díaz b. 1975 American Actor

Marlene Dietrich 1901-1992 German Actor

Amanda Donohoe b. 1962 English Actor

David Drake b. 1963 American Actor

James Dreyfus b. 1968 English Actor

Eleonora Duse 1859-1924 Italian Actor

Andy Dick b. 1965 American Actor, comedian

Grover Dale b. 1935 American Actor, dancer, choreographer

Divine 1945-1988 American Actor, drag performer

Barry Dennen b. 1938 American Actor, writer

Portia de Rossi b. 1973 Australian Actress, wife of Ellen DeGeneres

Louis Edmonds 1923-2001 American Actor

Michelle Ehlen b. 1978 American Actor

Denholm Elliott 1922-1992 English Actor

Jill Esmond 1908-1990 English Actor

Wesley Eure b. 1951 American Actor

Luke Evans b. 1979 British/Welsh Actor

Scott Evans b. 1983 American Actor

Rupert Everett b. 1959 English Actor

Julian Eltinge 1881-1941 American Actor, drag performer

Hilton Edwards 1903-1982 Irish Actor, theatrical producer

Jesse Tyler Ferguson b. 1975 American Actor

Harvey Fierstein b. 1952 American Actor

Maile Flanagan b. 1965 American Actor

Ulrike Folkerts b. 1961 German Actor

Kay Francis 1905-1968 American Actor

John Fraser b. 1931 Scottish Actor

Peter Frechette b. 1956 American Actor

Jackie Forster 1926-1998 English Actor, activist

Stephen Fry b. 1957 British Actor, comedian, novelist

Robert Gant b. 1968 American Actor

Victor Garber 1949 Canadian Actor

Greta Garbo 1905-1990 Swedish Actor

Will Geer 1902-1978 American Actor

Malcolm Gets b. 1963 American Actor

John Gielgud 1904-2000 English Actor

Sara Gilbert b. 1975 American Actor

Thea Gill b. 1970 Canadian Actor

John Glover b. 1944 American Actor

Julie Goodyear b. 1942 English Actor

Jason Gould b. 1966 American Actor

Nickolas Grace b. 1947 English Actor

Jessica Graham b. ? American Actor

Farley Granger b. 1925 American Actor

George Grizzard 1928-2007 American Actor

Jonathan Groff b. 1985 American Actor

Alec Guinness 1914-2000 British Actor

Stephen Guarino b. 1975 American Actor, comedian

Vice Ganda b. 1976 Filipino Actor, comedian, TV host, recording artist

Mark Gatiss b. 1966 British Actor, writer

Neil Patrick Harris b. 1973 American Actor

Randy Harrison b. 1977 American Actor

Nigel Hawthorne 1929-2001 English Actor

Sean Hayes b. 1970 American Actor

Amber Heard b. 1986 American Actor

Anne Heche b. 1969 American Actor

Alexandra Hedison b. 1969 American Actor

Edward Hibbert b. 1955 American Actor

John Benjamin Hickey b. 1963 American Actor

Hong Seok-cheon b. 1971 Korean Actor

Basil Hoskins 1929-2005 English Actor

Rock Hudson 1925-1985 American Actor

Tom Hulce b. 1953 American Actor

Tab Hunter b. 1931 American Actor

William Hutt 1920-2007 Canadian Actor

William Haines 1900-1973 American Actor, interior designer

Leisha Hailey b. 1971 American Actor, rock musician

Michelle Hardwick b. 1976 English Actress

Paul Iacono b. 1988 American Actor

John Inman 1935-2007 English Actor

Cheyenne Jackson b. 1975 American Actor

Michael Jeter 1952-2003 American Actor

Angelina Jolie b. 1975 American Actor

Cherry Jones b. 1956 American Actor

Leslie Jordan b. 1955 American Actor

Geri Jewell b. 1956 American Actor and Comedian

Sir Derek Jacobi b. 1938 English Actor, director

Paul Jabara 1948-1992 American Actor, singer-songwriter

Gorden Kaye b. 1941 English Actor

J. Warren Kerrigan 1879-1947 American Actor

Tommy Kirk b. 1941 American Actor

T.R. Knight b. 1973 American Actor

Greg Kramer b. ? British-Canadian Actor

Nancy Kulp 1921-1991 American Actor

Kim Ji-hoo 1985-2008 South Korean Actor and model

Larry Kert 1930-1991 American Actor, singer

Maren Kroymann b.1949 German actress and singer

Nathan Lane b. 1956 American Actor

Jack Larson b. 1928 American Actor

Charles Laughton 1899-1962 British Actor

Tom Lenk b. 1976 American Actor

Iyari Limon b. 1976 American Actor

Bai Ling b. 1966 Chinese Actor

Reg Livermore b. 1938 Australian Actor

Kristanna Loken b. 1979 American Actor

Alfred Lynch 1931-2003 British Actor

Jane Lynch b. 1960 American Actor

Paul Lynde 1926-1982 American Actor, game show personality

Mitchell Lichtenstein b. 1956 American Actor, writer, director

Luke Macfarlane b. 1980 Canadian Actor

Ronald Magill 1920-2007 English Actor

Sean Maher b. 1975 American Actor

Alec Mapa b. 1965 American Actor

Miriam Margolyes b. 1941 English Actor

Heather Matarazzo b. 1982 American Actor

Kerwin Mathews 1926-2007 American Actor

Kelly McGillis b. 1957 USA Actor

Samantha McLeod, Canadian Actor

Kristy McNichol b. 1962 American Actor

Tammy Lynn Michaels b. 1974 American Actor

Eric Millegan b. 1974 American Actor

Sal Mineo 1939-1976 American Actor

Megan Mullally b. 1958 American Actor

Ona Munson 1903-1955 American Actor

Zeki Müren 1931-1996 Turkish Actor

Diane Murphy b. 1964 American Actor

Kenneth MacKenna 1899-1962 American Actor, director

Gene Malin 1908-1933 American Actor, drag performer

Albert Mol 1917-2004 Dutch Actor, LGBT activist

Ian McKellen b. 1939 British Actor, LGBT rights activist

Daniel MacIvor b. 1962 Canadian Actor, playwright, director

Jamie McGonnigal b. 1975 American Actor, producer

Billy Merasty b. 1960 First Nations-Canadian Actor, writer

Kathy Najimy b. 1957 American Actor

Alla Nazimova 1879-1945 Ukrainian Actor

Kenneth Nelson 1930-1993 American Actor

Jasika Nicole b. ?, American Actor

Cynthia Nixon b. 1966 American Actor

John Normington 1937-2007 English Actor

Ramón Novarro 1899-1968 Mexican Actor

Cyril Nri b. 1961 Nigerian Actor

Ivor Novello 1893-1951 Welsh Actor, composer, musician

Louis Negin b. ?, Canadian Actor, playwright

Denis O'Hare b. 1962 American Actor

David Oliver 1962-1991 American Actor

Laurence Olivier 1907-1989 British Actor

Ondine 1937-1989 American Actor

Hugh Paddick 1915-2000 English Actor

Rustom Padilla b. 1965 Filipino Actor

Peter Paige b. 1968 American Actor

David Paisley b. 1979 Scottish Actor

James Palacio b. ?, American Actor

Sam Pancake b. ?, American Actor

Anna Paquin b. 1982 New Zealander Actor

Jim Parsons b. 1973 American Actor

John Partridge b. 1971 English Actor

Sarah Paulson b. 1974 American Actor

Anthony Perkins 1932-1992 American Actor

Sue Perkins b. 1969 English Actor

David Hyde Pierce b. 1959 American Actor

Danny Pintauro b. 1976 American Actor

Jack Plotnick b. 1968 American Actor

Keith Prentice 1940-1992 American Actor

Dennis Price 1915-1973 English Actor

Heather Peace b. 1976 English Actor, musician

Graham Payn 1918-2005 English Actor, partner of Noël Coward

Patrick Quinn 1950-2006 American Actor

Zachary Quinto b. 1977 American Actor

Dack Rambo 1941-1994 American Actor

Andrew Rannells b. 1978 American Actor

Anthony Rapp b. 1971 American Actor

Gene Raymond 1908-1998 American Actor

Michael Redgrave 1908-1985 English Actor

Robert Reed 1932-1992 American Actor

Charles Nelson Reilly 1931-2007 American Actor

Kieron Richardson b. 1986 British Actor

Cesar Romero 1907-1994 Cuban Actor

Gabriel Romero b. ?, Mexican Actor

Adamo Ruggiero b. 1986 Canadian Actor

Michael Rupert b. 1951 American Actor

Matthew Rush b. 1972 American Actor

Ada Dwyer Russell 1863-1952 American Actor

Danny Roberts b. 1977 American Actor, LGBT rights activist

Dick Sargent 1930-1994 American Actor

Glenn Scarpelli b. 1966 American Actor

Maria Schneider b. 1952 French Actor

Daniel Scott b. ?, Australian Actor

Ed Sahely b. 1969 Canadian Actor, comedian

Manfred Salzgeber 1943-1994 German Actor, film producer

Leontine Sagan 1889-1974 Austrian Actor, theater director

John Sessions b. 1953 Scottish Actor

Glenn Shadix 1952-2010 American Actor

Lori Shannon 1938-1984 American Actor

Fiona Shaw b. 1955 Irish Actor

Jeremy Sheffield b. 1966 English Actor

Antony Sher b. 1949 English Actor

Christopher Sieber b. 1969 American Actor

Jaason Simmons b. 1970 Australian Actor

Coral Smith b. 1979 American Actor

Doug Spearman b. 1962 American Actor

Stephen Spinella b. 1956 American Actor

Pam St. Clement b. 1942 English Actor

Nicole Stéphane 1923-2007 French Actor

David Ogden Stiers b. 1942 American Actor

Jason Stuart b. 1969 American Actor

Paulo Szot b. 1969 Brazilian Actor

Randy Stone 1958-2007 American Actor, casting director

Robert Stadlober b. 1982 Austrian Actor, rock musician

Terry Sweeney b. 1960 American Actor, screenwriter

George Takei b. 1937 American Actor

Laurette Taylor 1884-1946 American Actor

Olivia Thirlby b. 1986 American Actor

Russell Tovey b. 1981 English Actor

Lily Tomlin b. 1939 American Actor, comedian

Tommy Tune b. 1939 American Actor, dancer, choreographer, theater director

Tom Tryon 1926-1991 American Actor, writer

Michael Urie b. 1980 American Actor

Ron Vawter 1948-1994 American Actor

Tom Villard 1953-1994 American Actor

Patricia Velásquez b. 1971 Venezuelan Actor, model

André van Duin b. 1947 Dutch Actor, pop musician, writer

Salka Viertel 1889-1978 Ukrainian Actor, screenwriter

Anton Walbrook 1896-1967 Austrian Actor

Clifton Webb 1889-1966 American Actor

Dreya Weber ? American Actor

Ajita Wilson 1957-1987 American Actor

Paul Winfield 1939-2004 American Actor

Michelle Wolff b. ?, American Actor

B.D. Wong b. 1960 American Actor

Monty Woolley 1888-1963 American Actor

Peter Wyngarde b. 1933 British Actor

Richard Wilson b. 1936 Scottish Actor,

Jonathan Wilson b. ?, Canadian actor, playwright

Evan Rachel Wood b. 1987 American Actress, singer

Mary Anne Yates 1728-1787 British Actor

David Yost b. 1969 American Actor

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Google gay celebrities and there are many, many sites that will tell you a variety of celebrities that are gay - there are too many to mention.

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The following celebrities are openly gay:

Lance Bass, George Micheal, David Bowie, Elton John,

The Hottest gay guy alive is Adam Lambert. Luuuuuuuuuv HIM !

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Elton John,Lady GaGa(bi),Anderson Cooper,Adam Lambert,and that's all I know. !

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A celebrity who is not openly gay, but is suspected, is probably going through a huge personal battle. It's best to give these people their privacy.

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lady gaga ,elen dageners

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John Barrowman is one.

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