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No, only the cube.

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Q: All rectangular prisms are Platonic solids?
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All prisms are Platonic solids?


How are rectangular prisms are alike?

They are all rectangular prisms!

Are rectangular prisms platonic solids?

yes they are! by the way I'm really annoyed that people are putting the wrong answers on these places and guessed you are to so I have decided to tell everyone the right answers instead so you can all get everything right!! =] Sandy xx

Who descoverd the platonic solids?

We don't know for certain who discovered the platonic solids first. However, Pythagoras is credited by some sources as discovering the platonic solids first. Other sources credit Theaetetus as being the first to describe all five platonic solids and proving that these are the *only* platonic solids.

What is the only solid with not even one vertex?

A sphere. All other solids, including cubes, rectangular prisms, and cones all have at least one vertex.

Do all prisms have at least one rectangular face?

All prisms have at least 3. They all have 2 identical polygonal faces which are linked by as many rectangular faces as they have edges.

How are rectangular prisms and pyramids are the same?

they are the same because, they both have rectangular bases. Rectangular prisms are rectangular from the top and bottom (they are flat) while a rectangular pyramid has a point on the top where all of the edges meet. A pyramid has a tip at the top which unables it to stand on the tip while prisms can anyways.

Do prisms have rectangular bases?

They can do. A cuboid (a brick, for example) is a prism with all its faces rectangular.

Are all pyramids are platonic solids true or false?


What can we observe about Platonic solids?

They're all three-dimensional.

Which solid has all congruence faces?

The five platonic solids.

Do all rectangular prisms have parallel and perpendicual edges?


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