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Well it has not happened yet!

Will they someday? Maybe. If so it will be the last chapter of the manga IMO, or maybe the marriage ceremony would be foiled, for some fun reason, then the series will end, showing that they will live their happy life of platonic love and friendship forever. Either way, it would end the series.

Unlike many other story lines, OMG/AMG is about what makes for a happy and fulfilling life. If you have read the first few volumes or watched half of one of the anime series, then you know about the series as a whole already.

The series itself is about true unconditional love, understanding, and friendship. Sometimes tension is added to the plot by pointing out that their love is not physical, but this is really just to show how unimportant physical love is in a platonic relationship.

We know that K1 and Bell truly love and understand each other without any conditions (see the movie if you have any doubt), and they have many good friends who they all care about and for deeply and unconditionally also, so what would marriage really add to their relationship or their lives?

Read up on Plato and platonic love for more information.

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Q: Does keiichi ever marry belldandy
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