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Q: All members of The Monkees have what same color of eyes?
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What color are the scientist's eyes?

Scientists have the same color eyes as all of us.

What color are vampire eyes?

Vampires eyes can be any color, the different vampire books have their vampire's eyes different. They can change color depending on hunger (thirst), or they could be the exact same color as they were in their human life, they might also be the same color but be a little brighter than their original color.

What color eyes to cats have?

They are the same colour colour as humans eyes!

Do Chameleons eyes change color?

No, they will always be the same yellowish color.

Who is Michael Nesmith and what does he do?

Michael Nesmith is an American musician and songwriter. He is best known as being one of the members of a band called "The Monkees." He was also in a television which was named the same.

How do you get green eyes if both your parents have a grayish blue color?

Green eyes and blue eyes are caused by the same gene. The amount of melanin in the eye determines the eyes color.

What families who were members of the same clan?

skin color

Why is your hair never the same color as your eyes?

it is sometimes-- brown hair/brown eyes

If a father has blue eyes and a mother has green eye what color will the child's eyes be?

Either. Blue eyes and green eyes are caused by the same gene. The amount of melanin in the eye determines the eyes color.

What color were Joseph Fielding Smith's eyes?

The same color as Pope Benedict after he was exhumed.

What color eyes do vizsla dogs have?

When they are puppies their eyes are a beautiful green. As they get older their eyes go from green to hazel/Carmel. Usually their eyes are about the same color as their coat. This helps them blend in for hunting

What color are deidara's eyes?

Mostly his eyes are blue ( the color is the same as Naruto himself) but in some scenes it seems more like Gray!!