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Midnight Sun hasn't even been finished as a book yet, let alone a film. The new film is New Moon. If you meant films, then Eclipse (Book 3) has been confirmed as happening, but Breaking Dawn (Book 4) hasn't yet. If you meant books, then Stephenie Meyer hasn't yet said if she will write more.

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Q: After the new movie midnight sun are you stii going to think of making more movies of twilight?
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Is there going to be a movie call Midnight Sun to go along with the Twilight Series?

I don't think so because Kristen Stewart is getting older she won't look the same. And it will be a waste of time because there is already Twilight. Even though it will be different it will kind of be the same. But i don't think there will be a movie, if there is great if there isn't oh well.

Is Stephenie Meyer going to make any more Twilight books?

There is Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Stephenie Meyer is also coming out with Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is Twilight but Edward's(<3) point of view. also she might make some other books from different peoples point of views like renesmees or someone else. But since the book midnight sun got leaked on the internet she might not let midnight sun go out in public. Says 1 blog on!

Is midnight sun part of the twilight series?

It partially is because it is Twilight from Edwards point of view. On Stephanie Myers website it has the first twelve or so chapters, it's good. Right now she's not posting anything Else because of a mishap by some fans have picked up where she left off in the way they would have written it.

Will there be more Twilight books after Breaking Dawn?

Stephanie Meyer was planning on making another book in the twilight saga called Midnight Sun. it was going to be twilight in Edward's perspective. someone got one of her few rough drafts of the first ten or so chapters and illegally published it on the internet. she felt heartbrokem and betrayed and said to her fans she doesnt fully intend on finishing the book because she was so upset and she plans to spend more time with her family and on other personal projects.

When will all 6 twilight braking dawn films be out?

The trailer is said to be out at the MTV Movie Awards in 2011, since they're famous for showing the trailer's of the Twilight Movies.

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How many twilight movies are going to be made?

They are planning on making all 4. I don't think they'll make midnight sun, but who knows? Maybe they will!

Is there going to be be 8 movies of twilight?

if they keep making money, yes.

Did Robert Pattinson going out with Kristen Stewert?

They dated while making the Twilight movies.

How many twilight sagas are there going to be?

As of now, there are five books in the Twilight Saga series written by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and Midnight Sun. However, the number of movies based on the books may vary.

Are they making a fourth The Twilight Saga movie?

yes they are. it is called breaking dawn and is going to be broken into two movies.

The movie twilight is there going tobe a twilight 2?

Yes there is going to be one. Though, it is not called Twilight 2. Instead it is called Newmoon. Newmoon comes out in the movies on November 20. After Newmoon follows Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Eclipse will come out in the movies in June 2010 some time. After Breaking Dawn another book called Midnight Sun will come out!

Is midnight moon involved in twilight?

It's 'Midnight sun'. It is to do with Twilight. It's Edward's point of view from Twilight. Stephenie Meyer was going to publish it, but it got leaked on the internet.

Is twilight going to be a tv show?

No it is going to be made into Movies.

Is Taylor not going to in any more Twilight movies?

He is not leaving the twilight saga movies he was going to be fired if he didn't bulk up in new moon.

What is Edwards version of the twilight series going to be called?

Midnight Sun

What time is the first show for twilight?

Friday at midnight! Going on to Saturday.

Which Twilight books are going to be movies?

probably all of them.