A triad is a four-note

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Q: A triad is a four-note
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What is a secondary triad?

A Secondary Triad is anything but a Primary triad which is I, IV and V A Secondary triad is II, III, VI and VIIO.

What is the subdominant triad of Eb major?

The subdominant triad of Eb major is the Ab major triad.

What are all the major and minor tonic triads?

C major triad : C - E - GG major triad : G - B - DD major triad : D - F# - AA major triad: A - C# - EE major triad : E - G# - BB major triad : B - D# - FC# major triad: C# - E# - G#F# major triad : F# - A# - C#Cb major triad : Cb - Eb - GGb major triad : Gb - Bb - DbDb major triad : Db - F - AbAb major triad : Ab - C - EbEb major triad : Eb - G - BbBb major triad : Bb - D - FF major triad : F - A - CA natural minor triad : A - C - EE natural minor triad : E - G - BB natural minor triad : B - D - F#F# natural minor triad : F# - A - C#C# natural minor triad : C# - E - G#A# natural minor triad : A# - C# - EG# natural minor triad : G# - B - D#D# natural minor triad : D# - F# - A#Eb natural minor triad : Eb - Gb - BbAb natural minor triad : Ab - C -EbBb natural minor triad : Bb - Db - FD natural minor triad : D - F - AG natural minor triad : G - Bb - DC natural minor triad : C - Eb - GF natural minor triad : F - Ab - C

What is a three note chord is called?


How is a diminished triad formed?

A diminished triad is formed by lowering the fifth note of a minor triad a half step.

What is a subdominant triad?

A subdominant triad (Grade 5 Theory) is a triad built on the scale degree IV (four)

When was Rise of the Triad created?

Rise of the Triad was created in 1995.

When did Rise of the Triad happen?

Rise of the Triad happened in 1995.

When was Triad Securities created?

Triad Securities was created in 1976.

What is Triad Securities's population?

Triad Securities's population is 30.

When was Triad Broadcasting created?

Triad Broadcasting was created in 1999.

What triad contains an augmented fifth?

The augmented triad

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