A dident no

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: A dident no
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What episode does Sai in Naruto Shippuden die?

he dident die 0.0

Why did GlaDOS delete Caroline?

She said right after she deleted Caroline. 'The best solution is usually the easiest one.' GLaDOS is a sociopath. Caroline is emotion. Sociopaths have no emotion. Isn't it true emotion gets in the way of everyday things? Sociopaths have no emotional restrictions. If it wasn't for the law, a sociopath could do anything they wanted to. They could kill, lie, steal, cheat, anything and not even have their blood pressure raise the slightest bit. Sorry for that psychology crap, but the truth is- having no emotions makes you more fit for survival. EDIT: GLaDOS dident delete caroline The song Cari mia before the credits was sung by GLaDOS through the turrets if you look at a translation of the song(its sung in spanish) you can see that GLaDOS still has emotions for chell

How many people has Peter Griffin killed?

•Cybil Shepard. •Joan Cusack. •Francis Griffin. •Loretta Brown. •Peter Griffin Jr. •Verne Troyer. •Mordecai the Dancing Yiddish Clown. •19 Children at the hospital he blew up. •2 Children as Mary Poppins. •2 Pilots. •1 woman at the golf range with chris. •1 Man with his thinking grenades. •1 Man with Exploding Cupcakes •1 Girl (at least) with the Retarded Horse •1 Clown. •1 Stripper hidden in the cake. •1 Child from Amish Guy •Accidental, but the driver of the truck died when he had to swerve to avoid Peter & Lois kissing in the road. •Also accidental, but he was responsible for Jonathan Weed's death. •He & Ernie (Giant Chicken) were no doubt responsible for dozens (if not hundreds) of deaths during their multiple fights. Questionable Ones... •He "threw away" the three women when he tried Mormonism, the only way he could have done that was to have killed them first. •He threw a woman overboard on the cruise ship. •He may have killed Hanson.

Why did they shut old Sydney town down?

Old Sydney Town was opened in 1975 as a theme park by Gough Whitlam the 21st Prime minister ofAustralia.Eleven thousand onlookers traveled to Old Sydney Town for the grand opening of the living tribute to the nation's colonial past, It was a Federal Government project developed by architect Frank Foxand the Bank of New south Wales was also involved, the site on which Old Sydney town was built was thought to be a good location as it had a good source of fresh water.The Wran state government took over the federal investment shortly after the Fraser government took power at the end of 1975. Back in it's day Old Sydney Town was a popular attraction for Australians and international travelers alike. Old Sydney town was built to give the user the experience of what it would of been like to be living in a village in1788 with it's 30 odd authentically reconstructed buildings.To ensure its authenticity and feel of an early settlers lifestyle park employees wore period costumes further heightening Old Sydney towns realism and the whole set up was extremely well done, there were public floggings, hangings in the old gallows, and the firing of old black powder muskets and cannons, pistol duels, bullock Rides and mock convict trials.Unfortunately Old Sydney Town theme park was closed in 2003 and since it's closure it has been let out for various movie sets making an excellent backdrop with it's surroundings and buildings, in its heyday Old Sydney Town employed 65 individuals, eleven of them actors.Old Sydney Town was a faithful re-creation of the earliest days of life in the Colony of New South Walesduring the years 1788 to 1810, after the first settlers settled in Sydney Cove in the 1788, the small colonies spread out and grew becoming what we know today as Sydney Aaustralia. Old Sydney Town was a recreation built around James Meehan's map of Sydney in the year 1803.It's closure was rumored to be a decline in the tourist industry, or the fact that children at the time had no access to video games and their interest in what an early settlers lifestyle would of been like dident interest them. The 121.4 hectares of land atSomersby New south Wales near Gosford closed its doors on the last day of the Australia Day weekendMonday January 27, 2003 forever putting an end to a memorable recreation of life incolonial New South Wales, it is said more than six million visitors passed through Old Sydney Town in it's twenty eight years of operation.The collapse of Old Sydney townBad management undoubtedly was what led to the closure of Old Sydney town in 2003, mainly it was very poorly marketed and maintenance was virtually non existent and any repairs needed were merely patched up cheaply to avoid costs instead of receiving the proper attention it needed.In the first five years the Old Sydney Town losses reached $600,000 a year so things were not running to well at all. Run by Richard Chiu who is a Paris based entrepreneur and operates theme parks in Indonesia, hotels in Europe and the United States and the South Pacific under the auspices of Warwick Amusements.The town was leased by Warwick back in 1987 but they could not reverse and recover Old Sydney town lost fortunes and Old Sydney town was eventually sold off in 2000.A BOLD new bid is being made to revive Old Sydney Town.The family of Frank Fox, founder of the iconic Somersby tourist attraction, is determined to see the theme park reopened.His sons Michael and Peter have been in talks with site owner Richard Chiu for more than four years. They have now enlisted the help of Robertson federal Labor MP Deb O'Neill to help make their dream become reality.Ms O'Neill confirmed this week that she had facilitated several meetings in 2012 between a number of parties, including Mr Chiu, Gosford Council representatives and the Fox brothers."This is something dear to my heart," she said."I actually worked at the town as a minstrel for around two years so it holds many fond memories for me. When Michael and Peter Fox approached me to help I didn't hesitate."I first met Mr Chiu at his office in Paris while on a delegation to the European Parliament in April last year."1969: Architect Frank Fox buys the land on which Old Sydney Town was sitedJanuary 1975: Old Sydney town is officially opened on Australia Day by then-Prime Minister Gough WhitlamDecember 1975: Funding pledged by the Labor federal government is withdrawn by new Liberal Government1979: Fox family sells the land to NSW State Government1983: NSW Government sells lease to Warwick Amusements2003: Old Sydney Town is closed

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