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A metronome.

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Q: A clicking pendulum indicates the exact tempo of a piece of music?
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Who play border security USA music theme?

Pendulum or prodigy :D

Were can you get free pendulum music-no downloads?

TO DOWNLOAD ALL new songs like pendulum and so on go on it is all free and as many downloads as you want

What is the music on the Gossip Girl advert running on sky in January 09?

the song is showdown by pendulum.

What double bar line indicates?

A double bar line indicates the end of a section in music.

How do you get a music career on Sims 3?

You can get a music career on Sims 3 by going to the theatre and clicking on the option 'Join music career'

Music for glogster?

You download it to your Glogster by clicking UPLOAD under sounds

Where can a person watch the video for the song 'Slam' by Pendulum?

To watch the video for the song 'Slam' by Pendulum one can type in their search on YouTube. Other places to watch this video could be on one's television on a music station such as MuchMusic or MTV.

What kind of music does Obie Trice record?

Obie Trice records vintage type music which many people cannot get accustomed to. The exact type of music is unknown though because it doesn't have an exact label.

What sign indicates a new line of music and a set of note names?


How do you get the blue boom box on moshi monsters that plays music?

you have to click on it by clicking it haeps of times

What does whole rest mean orchestra?

Not just in orchestra, but in all music, a whole rest indicates that no notes are played for an entire measure.

How do you make a music video on movie maker?

Import all the video and audio you wish to use in the music video. Drag video from the Imported Media pane into the Video track and music into the Audio/Music track in the Time-line view of Windows Movie Maker.Adjust audio/music as desired by dragging it along the track. Audio adjustments can be made by right-clicking the music piece on the track. Video can be adjusted by clicking the + button beside the Video track.