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p stands for piano in musical notation. It is a dynamic marking which indicates the piece or section should be played soft.

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Q: What does p mean in music notation?
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What does p cresc. mean in music notation?

The "p" stands for "piano," a dynamic indicator meaning to play softly, and "cresc." is the abbreviation for "crescendo," which means to gradually increase in volume.

What does c mean in music notation?


What do the symbols pp and ff mean in written music?

in music, pp means "very soft" or "pianissimo"; ff means "very loud" or "fortissimo"

What does mp mean in music notation?

It means mezzo piano, literally translating to "medium soft".

What does mf mean in music notation?

mf stands for mezzo forte, or in english: moderately loud

What is music notation?

Musical notation is literally music notes $$$$&$$$&

Which notation shows that P is a function of x?

Answer t Which notation shows that P is a function of x?his question…

Why does p mean quiet in crosswords?

P for 'piano' in musical notation, meaning soft or quiet. F for 'forte' would be the opposite, meaning loud.

What is staff notation?

Staff Notation is a music notation like quotation marks except used in music not writing. It is with the five lines going down.

Who discovered music notations?

Music notation is not a discovery, but a development. Or rather, calling music notation a discovery is akin to calling the English language a discovery, or an architect the discoverer of a building, or an artist the discoverer of a painting. There have been many different forms of music notation throughout history, so it's hard to say who first started using music notation.

What does renotate mean?

re-notate? In the context of music theory, it would mean to notate an additional time. Possibly to correct in an incorrect notation.

What is graphic notation?

Musical graphic notation is a form of music notation which refers to the use of non-traditional symbols and text to convey information about the performance of a piece of music. It is used for experimental music , which in many cases is difficult to notate using standard notation.