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Usually if an accident is determined not to be the insured's fault, then their insurance rates will not rise as the insurance company did not lose any money from covering the driver involved in the accident. If the accident is determined as being inconclusive, the rates may rise some, to adjust for the amount of money the insurance company lost in the accident.

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Q: Will your insurance premium go up if you are not at fault in Michigan?
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I have insurance and allowed a friend to drive my car and she had an accident who is at fault?

Your friend is. If she is over 25 she is normally covered. Because you claim on youe insurance, technically it will be an at fault accident and your premium may go up. You should talk to your insurer.

Does your premium go up if someone without insurance had permission to drive your car and gets into an accident that was their fault in NJ?

Generally speaking, if your insurance has to pay out, then there probably will be an increase. Good luck.

If you get into a car accident and it is not your fault will your insurance go up?

Not if it is deemed to be 100% the other drivers fault and they have insurance.

What happens if an accident is your fault and you have have insurance?

When this happens, your Insurance company pays for damages. If the accident is your fault, your insurance rates can go up.

Do premium's go up in parking lot accidents?

If you were at fault, yes.

Will you insurance premium go up if you claim a parking lot hit and run accident and pay 500 deductible and insurance covers 1000?

Yes, most likely, your premium will raise to some degree. If you don't claim it through insurance, there would be no premium hike. Parking lot incidents are almost ALWAYS considered 50/50 fault, sad to say, unless you can PROVE otherwise!

If you hit an animal and need an insurance claim to fix your auto does your insurance premium go up?

Depends on the insurance company, but most likely not. Because animals are unpredictable in their actions, animal hits are considered as a non-at-fault loss and usually will not affect your rates.

Where can I get good car insurance quotes for Michigan?

You can go to to search for auto insurance in the Michigan region for free.

If you have had two bikes stolen will your insurance premium go up?

You would be lucky to get insurance

How much will auto insurance be after car wreck?

If it is found to be your fault, then your insurance could go up. If you are found to be at fault, then it shouldn't.

If you have liability insurance only in a no-fault state and you were rear-ended and vehicle totaled who pays for the replacement or repair of the vehicle?

Michigan's no fault law is really a pain. If you only had liability insurance, even if you weren't at fault, you're responsible for the damages to your vehicle. If the other party had insurance you might be able to file a $500 mini tort claim and get it without having to go to court (your insurance company should be able to do this for you) but that's all you're going to get. Your own insurance company will pay for your medical and your son's medical bills but that's as good as you're going to get. Michigan no fault was passed in the early 70's to lessen the amount of tort claims for people injured in auto accidents. As a result when you get injured, your insurance pays for your injuries. If you accept liability only insurance, you accept the responsiblity for any damages even if they were not your fault. I think people in no fault states ought to have this more clearly pointed out to them since there are more than just Michigan. People assume "it wasn't my fault so you'll have to pay" but that's not the way it works in Michigan. Sorry.

How does No Fault work if there are no injuries only vehicle damage?

Most "no fault" laws apply only to injuries, so in other words, if someone else damages your car, you can get the damages taken care of by their insurance company (or use your ins company and they will go to them for you possibly). Michigan is the only state I know of that is completely no fault, i.e. for property damage you go through your own insurance company