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if he is not on your insurance he is required to have his own insurance otherwise he is driving your car without insurance with or without your permission illegally so no it will be the get out clause the insurance company will use not to pay out and why should they pay for someone who has not paid for there services

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Q: Will your car insurance pay for the car that your son hit even though he is not on your insurance?
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Do you have to go through your insurance co if you hit a car when the victim wants me to even though you are willing to pay for damages?

== == == == == == == == == == == == if one party wants to go though it using insurance then yes you have to as well.

What happen if the car in front of you stop suddenly and you hit the car?

When ever a person hits the car in front of them, they are found at fault. If you hit a car in the rear even though it stops short, you are at fault. You will probably get a ticket and your insurance will go up.

What happenes if you hit someones car and they live the scene because they have no insurance.?

You prey that the other driver doesn't find out that even though he was not insured, you and your insurance co. are still liable for all damages. You still need to report the accident to your insurance co, though.

What happens when you get hit by a person without license but the car has insurance?

If you have car insurance ,police will never stop you even if you dont have driving license.

What if a car hits your car as you are backing out?

They have the right of way. Even if they hit you on purpose insurance companies favor the car already in the lane.

What if you hit a car and there is no damage to your car?

The insurance will pay for the car you hit.

What is cheaper motorcycle insurance or car insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is by far cheaper. The reason being if you hit another car with a car you can do some serious damage even kill people. Now if you hit a car on a motorcycle you will probably only kill yourself. Insurance companies could care less about the damage you do to yourself, so they charge less than car insurance.

Can you use my car insurance liabialy only on hitting a fence on your girlfriend rental car and was not on policy?

i borrow my girlfriend rental car and i hit a fence they want to repair it should i go though my car insurance whose responsible

What do you do if you hit a car in a dealer's lot?

If you are driving their car and hit their car, then their insurance will pay for the damage on both cars. If you are driving your car and hit their car, then your insurance will pay for the damage on both cars.

Does full coverage insurance cover unauthorized or unlisted drivers under 21 in rental car accident claims?

I think it may depend on the carrier. In Los Angeles, Progressive insurance still fixed my car even though it was hit by a rental car that was being driven by someone with only a drivers permit and not listed on the rental car policy.

How do you find out if the car you hit has car insurance?

You do not need to know if the car you hit has insurance if you were at fault. It would not matter if they have insurance because you as the at fault would be responsible for the damages you caused.AnswerIf the owner of the car presented you some documents stating that his/her car has an insurance.

If a car hit another car and forced it to hit yours and the first driver doesn't have insurance will the one that hit yours have to pay?

if the car that hit you from behind has insurace its his fault, for failing to leave enough breaking distance, even thought he was hit, u claim from him,, he claims from the car that shoved him and so on