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no it would either blow up, not start or ruin your engine

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Q: Will your car drive after sugar water is in gas tank?
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Will car start with sugar in tank and drive?

Yes, the sugar will remain on the bottom of the tank like sand.

Can you drive your car without water but coolant Like you have coolant but no water in the water tank?


Will putting sugar in a gas tank mess up your car?

Sugar sits on the bottom of the tank like sand unless you have some water in the tank also.

Does black smoke come out the car if sugar in gas tank?

No, sugar sits on the bottom of the fuel tank like sand unless there is some water present.

Sugar water in a gas tank?

It might cause your car to stall depending on how much was put in.

What if you put sugar in the gas tank?

Sugar in the gas tank will not cause the engine to fail because sugar does not dissolve in gas. It will get pulled thru the gas line and into the fuel filter(s) and depending on how much sugar is in the tank, will plug the fuel filter sooner or later. This will cause the car to stall or not stay running. You can either replace the fuel filters until the sugar is gone or get the car to a mechanic and have the gas tank removed and flushed out. This is not a do-it-yourself project. You could also drive the car to the mechanic and then have the fuel filter replaced while they are flushing the gas tank.

What will be the effect of sugar in petrol tank of a car?

Sugar in the petrol tank will quickly cause a car to break down. The sugar gums up fuel lines and injectors, disabling fuel delivery.

Can a mechanic tell you if someone put sugar water in your car?

You could siphon out the contents of the fuel tank and discover water but to prove it is sugar water would take a chemical analyse and it still wouldn't prove who or how it got in there.

How long will a car drive after sugar is placed in gas tank before it stop running?

Sugar clogs the screen in the fuel pump pick-up. If it gets past that screen it will clog the fuel filter. Since sugar doesn't dissolve in gasoline, what stops the car is the clogging of the fuel. With enough sugar, the blockage can be instantaneous. The pummeling you will receive for putting sugar in the person's gas tank will follow shortly afterward.

How long does it take car to breakdown if someone puts water in the gas tank?

The water drops to the bottom of the tank immediately, so you may drive a mile or so before you have trouble. This would also depend on how much water was poured in.ANS2:My car got hit in the rear end and it folded the trunk lid into a funnel that filled my gas tank with water. Overnight, the water froze and I was able to drive the car for at least 34 miles the next morning. If you fill your tank with ethanol, you can run the car on around a 80% mix of alcohol and 20% water. It isn't going to give you good performance but it will run.

What to do if sugar is in tank?

If you suspect that someone put sugar in the tank of your car, the best thing to do is to make an appointment to have your filters cleaned at a garage. Sugar in the tank will not disable your car, this is a common myth, but like pouring sand into someone's gas tank, it might cause your filters to need cleaning earlier.

Will a car owner no if sugar has been put in their gas tank?

Probably not. The sugar will sit on the bottom of the tank like sand. Yes he/she will, the car will stop running well, or at all. Why? the sugar dissolves into the gasoline, because its a solvent