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No, sugar sits on the bottom of the fuel tank like sand unless there is some water present.

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Q: Does black smoke come out the car if sugar in gas tank?
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How do you make a 96 f350 blow black smoke?

Poor a pint of oil in the gas tank that will get her smokin! :)

Will sugar in gas tank make gas spill from the tank?

Putting sugar in a gas tank will mean a trip to the garage since the sugar will ruin the gas filter and go into the engine.

Will car start with sugar in tank and drive?

Yes, the sugar will remain on the bottom of the tank like sand.

Where is your lost sugar lip tank tops?

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Will putting sugar in a gas tank mess up your car?

Sugar sits on the bottom of the tank like sand unless you have some water in the tank also.

How can you tell if sugar is in your gas tank?

The sugar would lay on the bottom of the tank so the only way to know would be to remove the tank and remove the sending unit to gain access to the inside of the tank.

What if the fuel in your tank and lines is real sticky is sugar in the tank possible How do you fix?

you need to get the tank cleaned and may need the lines changed do not drive as sugar will destroy the engine

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What to do if sugar is in tank?

If you suspect that someone put sugar in the tank of your car, the best thing to do is to make an appointment to have your filters cleaned at a garage. Sugar in the tank will not disable your car, this is a common myth, but like pouring sand into someone's gas tank, it might cause your filters to need cleaning earlier.

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Can you smoke after turning off oxygen tank?

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What will be the effect of sugar in petrol tank of a car?

Sugar in the petrol tank will quickly cause a car to break down. The sugar gums up fuel lines and injectors, disabling fuel delivery.