Will a car be louder without a resonator?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a resonator restricts the sound in your exhaust. removing the resonator will give it a deeper sound. i would suggest changing the entire exhaust system and leaving he resonator off which would make a louder/meaner sound. leaving it on would silence the idle but when you rev it really high it would still be loud.

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Q: Will a car be louder without a resonator?
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What happens when a resonator is removed?

The vehicle will sound louder.

How do you make a humdinger ding louder?

You will need a larger resonator for that.

What is the resonator on a car?

"Resonator" usually refers to the Exhaust system. A resonator is a piece of tubing that is slightly larger in diameter than the rest of the exhaust pipe. It is usually located after the catalytic converter, and before the muffler. Vehicles can have multiple resonators. They also usually have some sort of sound deadening material inside. The name resonator would lead one to believe it makes the exhaust louder, but it is actually there to reduce drone and make a quieter exhaust tone. Resonator can also refer to a chamber in the intake system of the car that serves the same purpose as a resonator in the exhaust system.

Where is the resonator in a 1999 civic dx?

If it has one, it would be after the catalytic converter and before your muffler....usually right in the middle of the exhaust line. If it is an aftermarket exhaust system, a lot of people pull the resonator so it is louder and has less restriction without one. Hope this helps!

Is it possible to just remove the resonator on a 2001 Chevy impala and not the muffler that is good?

yes. you just cut it out and connect the muffler with a pipe available at most auto supply houses. use clamps if you can not weld. the car gets slightly louder but not as bad as with a holed resonator ........ or you can get it replaced at most muffler places for about 200.

Does a car have to have a catalitic converter?

by law yes..atleast in my state but the car will run no problem without just makes it louder

What can you do to make your car sound louder without spending any money?

Put The Volume Up

Is a resonator guitar a type of acoustic guitar with metal cones?

This is exactly correct. Yes, Resonator Guitars are a type of acoustic guitar, and they do have metal cones as opposed to sound boards. They were made to be louder than typical acoustic guitars.

Is a car horn louder inside the car or on a nearby sidewalk?

I think it,s louder inside the car

Can you still drive a car when the muffler falls off?

You drive a car without a muffler, it is not vital to the car's system. HOWEVER without the muffler the car is vastly louder, in some states causing you to receive a ticket

What is a resonator on a 1994 Toyota 22re motor do?

A resonator on any car is to help the muffler keep the exhaust noise level to a minimun.

Does a resonator delete effect the car?

Resonator delete may produce more rasp, higher exhaust volume and more police attention.