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you have a ground loop, use a ground loop isolator to get rid of it.

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2012-04-24 04:26:04
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Q: Why your car stereo has a buzzing sound?
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Can a car stereo be used for a sound system?


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What makes the buzzer a buzzing sound?

The buzzing sound made by insects is the result of wing movement. The faster the wings move, the louder the buzzing sound.

What is a sentence with the word buzzing?

There is a buzzing sound from next door.I am buzzing with excitement.

What causes the buzzing sound of the bee?

The buzzing sound of bees is caused by their wings flapping.

What is wrong if your car makes a buzzing sound when you turn the wheel while you are driving on curvey roads?

Your car may need power steering fluid if it makes a buzzing noise when you turn the wheel.

Why your car wont start and when you turn the key it makes a buzzing sound on a 2003 ford expedition?

The buzzing sound is possibly the starter solenoid, sounds like battery is low or stater motor is stuck.

How can you tell if a car stereo is going to have good sound quality?

By the quality of sound coming from the speakers.

What is the definition of 'buzzing'?

'Buzzing' can be defined as a humming sound. For example: Mosquitoes were buzzing all around us. It can also mean 'be filled with a humming sound' i.e. A buzzing in my ears.

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bees and mosquitoes make a large buzzing sound by flapping there wings super fast thats how they make a buzzing sound.

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a "buzzing" sound

Is car DVD sound just heard through headphones?

depending on the headunit you can output the sound through your car stereo speakers

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