Car stereo turns on but no sound?

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2012-09-05 11:44:34

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Check speaker's connector on the other side of stereo system. If stereo system have fuses, check it also. If stereo system doesn't work anyway, I think, that stereo systems amplifier is broken.

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2012-09-05 11:44:34
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Q: Car stereo turns on but no sound?
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Can a car stereo be used for a sound system?


How can you tell if a car stereo is going to have good sound quality?

By the quality of sound coming from the speakers.

Is car DVD sound just heard through headphones?

depending on the headunit you can output the sound through your car stereo speakers

What are the main features of an average Boss car stereo?

There are many features of an average Boss car stereo. The main features of an average Boss car stereo would be the good quality surround sound that the system provides.

Why does my car stereo work but have no sound?

because you need to turn the volume up

How can one get an auto sound upgrade?

You can get tips on how to auto upgrade the sound from your car stereo on websites like Youtube, and Crutchfield. You might not even have to buy a new stereo, and if you do, there are countless models to choose from.

Why do you not have sound in your car stereo?

Fuse could be blown, or a speaker wire loose or come off.

Why your car stereo has a buzzing sound?

you have a ground loop, use a ground loop isolator to get rid of it.

How does the price of Audiobahn car stereo equipment compare with Bose?

The prices for Audiobahn and Bose car stereo equipment is comparble. I personally prefer Bose products,for the hig quality sound they produce.

How do you stop the beeping sound on the Pioneer DEH-P20 car stereo when you turn the engine off?

The beeping sound should stop by itself. If the beeping does not stop, then your stereo has a technical issue. Once you get your stereo fixed, it should stop beeping after a little bit.

Why would one need a car audio equalizer?

If you are not happy with the sound of your car stereo, you can always buy a car audio equalizer. For the best quality sound this is a good option. It does come with a price though.

Can I use universal car stereo speakers on my new car ?

Yes, you can buy a new stereo system for you car. You can find ones that make the bass sound great. I would look at an auto shop like Pep Boys.

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