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Your overdrive light could be faulty. You should check your fused and replace the one associated with the overdraft button.

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2014-08-27 21:33:23
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Q: Why the overdrive light turn on and off constantly?
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How should the overdrive light look when its on lincoln navigator?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position so you don't see the light on If you turn OFF the overdrive , the overdrive off light will light up or if there is a problem the overdrive off light will flash

My ford explorer limited 1995 overdrive off light keeps flashing you can turn the overdrive on and off but the light keeps flashing is there some way to turn it off?

The overdrive off light flashing - indicates a malfunction has been detected

When the OD OFF indicator is lit on the dash does that mean I'm in Overdrive or I need to press it to turn it off?

If the light says off then your overdrive is turned off, push the button again and the light will turn off and overdrive will be on again.

How do you turn on the overdrive on a 99 Camry?

keep the overdrive shaft button pressed, there is a panel light called "O/D" that should light indicating the overdrive is OFF. In that case make sure the light is OFF which means overdrive is ON.

2001 ford expedition overdrive light should it be on while driving or off?

Normally the overdrive is allowed , so the overdrive OFF light does not light up When the overdrive is switched off , the overdrive OFF light will light up to let you know that the overdrive has been switched off

What is that button on your shifter knob in your 1999 mercury cougar v6?

That will turn off ( or turn back on ) the overdrive feature of your transmission When the overdrive is off , so the transmission only uses the first ( 3 ) gears the O/D OFF light will light up in your tachometer . Overdrive is the normally allowed position so if you shut the vehicle off , the next time it is started the overdrive feature is allowed or if you have shut the overdrive feature off just push the button again to turn the overdrive back on

How do you turn off overdrive on a 01 grand marquis?

On the end of your gear selector lever ( PRN etcetera ) is the transmission control switch . Overdrive is the normally allowed position , but when you turn the overdrive off ( the O/D OFF light will light up just above and to the right of the speedometer and if you have the digital dash it will show " overdrive off " to the right of the speed indicator )

1994 sentra what does od off light mean?

overdrive is turned off. This is usually controlled by a button on the shifter knob. Press it to turn of the overdrive, push it again to turn it back on.

Do you turn the overdrive on or off when you are on the freeway?

off -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are not towing a trailer you would want the overdrive to be ON so that your engine RPM is lower **( you will not see the O/D OFF light in your dash ) **

Is the overdrive on when the dashlight is on or off on a 1996 ford windstar?

The overdrive is "ON" when the light is "OFF". Notice the light for the overdrive has a slash through it.

Overdrives's off light mean overdrives is on or off?

If the overdrive's off light is on that means it's off. If it is off then the overdrive is on.

Is light on or off on dash board when overdrive switched on?

The overdrive light will be off when the overdrive switch is pushed in. If the light flashes then that's a trouble shooting code.

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