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If the light says off then your overdrive is turned off, push the button again and the light will turn off and overdrive will be on again.

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Q: When the OD OFF indicator is lit on the dash does that mean I'm in Overdrive or I need to press it to turn it off?
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What does the od off light mean on the dash?

it means the overdrive is not on.

What does the od-off indicator mean on an 2003 ford focus?

OverDrive Off

What does the Od light on a Toyota tacoma dash mean?

OD means Overdrive. The light is on because you have disengaged the Overdrive. The button is on the shift lever on the side. Push that button to engage the overdrive.

What does o d off indicator light mean on a automatic Hyundai amica gsi?

It's informing you that the overdrive button (which is located on the side of the gearshift) has been switched off...just press it to turn it back on, which would be more economical.

What does O D off mean on your ford ranger dash?

on yours shift knob that's when u shift from Park to drive in the center is a button when u press it once it its telling you that the over drive is either On or Off so all you have to do is press it again to get it in Overdrive or not in Over Drive

What is over drive light mean?

That means you are either in overdrive or you have a defect in the dash lights that is turning on your overdrive light. Wiki can explain what overdrive is better than I can, but it's not a bad thing. You should probably just leave your vehicle in overdrive for better fuel economy.

What does a spring symbol mean on a Renault clio dash?

could be glow plug indicator if its a deisel

What does all the indicator lights on the 2007 Tundra dash mean?

Surely you know what some of the lights mean. Be more specific.

What does Type 19 mean located on dash below odometer reading?

That is just a mark left by the manufacturing of the dash panel. It is not an indicator of anything on the Jeep.

What does a wrench warning light on the dash of the Ford explorer mean?

It is the powertrain/4x4/AWD malfunction indicator. It is the second indicator light covered in your owners manual if you have one.

1994 sentra what does od off light mean?

overdrive is turned off. This is usually controlled by a button on the shifter knob. Press it to turn of the overdrive, push it again to turn it back on.

What does Chrysler 300 Dash board malfunction indicator light mean?

A Chrysler 300 dashboard malfunction indicator light is another form of the check engine light. This light appears of the dash when the engines computer reads a problem in the engine.