Why is your car using too much gas?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There's several reasons why this could happen but what is 'Too Much' mean to you, my 940 does 35mpg which I am happy with since it is a large car with a 2.3i engine. 1) When was the last time your car was serviced? A good service normally helps with fuel usage. 2) Are your Ignition leads all working and undamaged? If one isn't working then you'll be misfiring and wasting fuel from that area as the spark plug will not ignite the fuel. 3) How are you driving the car? If you drive at high speeds, use the low gears all the time then this will use up fuel

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Q: Why is your car using too much gas?
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Why is car blowing black smoke?

It is the car running too rich. or the car is using more gas than air.

Why is your new car battery always dying?

because your using your car too much!!!

1994 ford e350 can not scan ecm runs rich?

You should have your ECM changed so that you are not using too much gas. If you don't switch out your ECM your car will get worse and drink more gas.

Why does my car burn gas so fast?

Don't know what vehicle you have or how much is too fast but if it is using more fuel than it has in the past, it may be time for a tune up.

Why is my suzuki alto using so much fuel?

If you speed or accelerate abnormally or you drive too slow then the car may be using up too much fuel.

Oil smells like gas car won't start?

too much fuel in your cylinders!

How do you repair a gas pedal with too much tension?

you prob should take the car to a dealership

Why is your car exhaust smoking so much and smelling of gas?

Why is my car exhaust smoking so much and smelling of gas?AND WHY IS MY CAR HOLDING BACK WHEN I PUSH DOWN ON THE GAS PEDDLEWell you probably have black on the outside of the exhaust to and it means your car is running too rich on gas check your fuel pressure you probably have too much and that's y you are lagging to this could be cause of bad fuel pump emc which is your computer or your fuel pressure regulater.

What causes your 1999 diesel car to have jerky stops and starts?

is this automatic or standard? Check fuelline if has air or too much water inside fuelline. Try using some fuel injection cleaner and gas treatment masde for diseal gas.

How to you reduce environmental effects of automobiles?

You can reduce it by not using WAY too much of gas or liquid in a automobile.

Can you have too much freon in your car?

Yes you can have too much refrigerant in your A/C system and it will damage the system. The only way to know how much is in the system is to measure it by using a gauge.

Why does a car stall when you step on the gas?

Usually caused by one of two things: Lack of fuel or too much fuel.