Why does my car burn gas so fast?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Don't know what vehicle you have or how much is too fast but if it is using more fuel than it has in the past, it may be time for a tune up.

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Q: Why does my car burn gas so fast?
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Does running your air condition in the car burn gas?

yes it does in fact it burns alot of it so when you guage is almost on low turn the air off and drive slow it runs out less gas. if you drive fast it will burn alot of gas to.

Why does your car keep burn gas so fast?

Low fuel mileage can be caused by several things. Check the computer codes for a sensor problem. Make sure that the vehicle is properly tuned up and the fuel filter is not clogged.

Does heating your car burn gas?

Usually heating is done by passing air over the hot engine so no extra fuel (gas/petrol) is used.

Does the air conditioner burn gas in a car?

It increases load on engine & has slight detrimental effect on economy, so yes.

What is S in automatic transmission?

Sport...meaning the car will perform at a faster rate, as well as burn more gas in doing so

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What makes car be running smooth then it starts to sputter as if not getting gas i then put gas peddal to the floor and after a few seconds or so the car takes off fast?

Could be as simple as a good tune up.

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If you find that your car is hydroplaning what should you do?

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Water in car?

Yes you can put water in your car so it doesn't burn up.

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