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It could be several things, your bearings could be under a pre load, which means there is exesive pressure on them caused by them being over tightend, it could also be as simple as a brake hanging up on the drum or disk. you may have a bent rim possibly but that would cause the car to vibrate. Also you may have a worn spindal, the shaft that the bearings slide onto. You could possibly have a brearing catching or binding up. I would definitely have it looked at so you don't have a bearing go out because it could mean you lose you tire completely.

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Q: Why have you got rear wheel knocking noise after bearings changed?
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Your renalt clio 1.2 makes a knocking noise from the front left wheel when you turn?

needs new wheel bearings

Pug 106 quiksilver and when you turn left only a fairly low speeds it makes a bad knocking noise what could this be?

check wheel bearings and cv joints if applicable

In a 2000 Pontiac grand am you have a knocking noise in the front end that goes away when you accelerate and break but it is there when coasting?

First, check the lug nuts. If that's not it, check the wheel bearings.

Why does your citroen xsara Picasso make a knocking noise when turning left or right?

Assuming this is an older car a knocking noise on turning could mean one of the drive shafts is worn. Other things to check - are the bolts tight on the front wheels, if a very high mileage it could be worn wheel bearings.

What would cause a knocking noise when you turn your wheel?

Power Steering?

What do you do if there is a knocking noise in front left wheel and the whole wheel is loose when you shake it with both hands?

If you grab it in the 12 and 6 o'clock positions, you are typically checking for play in wheel bearings and ball joints. If you grab it in the 9 and 3 o'clock positions you are typically checking for tie rod ends or wheel bearings. But you are not totally limited to these although the most common.

Would bad front wheel bearings prevent a transmission from shifting?

No, bad front wheel bearings would not prevent a transmission from shifting. If your car has bad front wheel bearings you will notice wheel noise or wheel looseness.

Would wheel bearings make a grinding noise?

Yes they can make a grinding noise, if they are bad.

What makes a clunking noise when turning?

Wheel bearings or u joints

1994 buick lesabre. noise from wheel when turning wheels left or right hits the limits?

Check your wheel bearings. Mine made a noise when turning right and had to replace the wheel bearings and hubs as they are all one unit on my 92.

What could be a knocking noise in a wheel well while driving in a 20002 Xterra?

I experienced a knocking noise in my 03 Xterra and found out is was a bad wheel bearing seal and had to have the Nissan dealership replace it for about $400 (includes labor and parts).

Is a grinding noise from the front end a wheel bearing or a wheel clynder and how do you change them out What else should I look for?

A grinding noise usually indicated bad wheel bearings.