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It's possible that you have a problem with your clutch. Alternatively, you may simply be releasing the clutch too early or too suddenly when changing gear, not giving the various cogs sufficient time to 'mesh' properly. First gear is a powerful gear, and requires more care when changing up from (or down to) than most others. Fully depress the clutch and lay off the revs when changing to second gear, and try to effect a slower, more gradual release when taking your foot off the clutch. As an added precaution, try to change up to second gear at lower speeds.

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Q: Why does my car shudder when going from first to second gear?
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In which gear should you drive when going up a steep hill?

low gear, first or second depending on the steepness

Shift from first to second gear?

Yep, then shift from second to third gear.

I own a 1996 Mercury Cougar xr7 which runs great. however the car makes a vibrating noise after it shifts from first to second gear do you know what that vibrating is?

The problem is trans. shudder if you have an automatic. I had the same problem in my 1996 cougar,when it would shift from second to third gear. Very easy and cheap to fix, I bought "Mr. tranny instant shudder fix" anout $7 at a NAPA store. After 5 months its starting to come back so I will add another. Good luck.

Should you feel the gear change from second to first when stopping?

If you can feel the gear change from second to first when stopping you may need transmission fluids. The transmission could be slipping or going out also. Take the vehicle to a mechanic so that they can see what the problem is.

What causes 97 wrangler to cut out when going from reverse to first and second gear?

a bad driver?? Seriously, i could be the ECU

What does it mean if you have a springy noise when you pull off or go down into second gear to turn a corner?

it means second gear is going out!

When going downhill in a car what gear should you be in?

may be second gear or third gear with preparetion before you go down hill

On a 98 wrangler what causes first and second gear hard to shift into for the first time when very cold out?

if its cold out your gear oil is just very thick which makes it hard to shift once the car gets going it should be fine

Second gear start light?

It tells you your second gear start switch is on. When on, that switch makes the transmission not use first gear. This is good for icy winter conditions.

What could be the problem when you cant take your eagle talon out of second gear?

stock in first gear

When to use first gear?

well. whenever you have a low idle, you use first gear to accelerate. if u have a higher idle or throttlebody, you can just start in second gear.

Do you damage your car if you drive in second gear going 60 mph?

Probably, since you are working the engine too hard at that gear.